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The episode starts with Bhavani seeing Jayesh and Ishika’s pre engagement ceremony. Bhavani leaves from there.

Amruta comes to Babita and asks Babita if she thinks what she did is right. Babita says yes. Babita asks Amruta why is she feeling sad. Amruta says she feels sad as they were insulted. Amruta says she feels bad as Babita has judged Bhavani by the clothes she wore. Amruta calls Babita insensitive and thanks Babita for showing a new colour to them. Jahan says to Amruta that Bhavani isn’t anywhere. Amruta and others go looking for Bhavani. Babita stops Virat from going after Chiknesh family. Amruta pushes Jayesh and goes looking for Bhavani.

Babita makes a suggestion to Ishika saying they should do engagement tomorrow as tomorrow is Rangpanchami. Dildar says to Babita that she is crossing the line. Babita asks Dildar not to stop her.

Amruta searches for Bhavani. Jahan talks with Amruta over the phone about Bhavani. Jahan suggests Amruta to take Virat’s help. Amruta doesn’t agree to it saying Virat is the one who troubles them and later gets them out of it. Virat overhears Jahan talking with Amruta over the phone and thinks of where Bhavani might be. Virat goes looking for Bhavani.

Abhiraj acts as if he is mad with Kavita as he hasn’t informed them about their plan. Abhiraj says to Kavita that he would have warned Chiknesh family if he knew what Virat and Babita were upto. Kavita says this is all of Virat and Babita’s plan and comments on them. Abhiraj and Kavita make sure Amruta overhears their conversation and misunderstands Virat.

Bhavani comes and looks at the name plate of Jayesh and Ishika. Virat comes and sits beside Bhavani. Virat says to Bhavani that when his relationship was broken he also sat infront of the name plate like this thinking of the moments he was happy with his wife. Virat says he didn’t understand why he did that and says he might be saying bye to the memories that already happened that’s why he guessed that she would also be here. Virat and Bhavani share their grief with each other.

Dildar says to Babita that what she is doing is wrong. Kavita says if Bebe was here she would have scolded him and reminds this house belongs to Babita. Dildar still says Babita doesn’t have right to decide what will happen in other people’s lives. Dildar leaves from there. Babita assures Ishika that their engagement will happen tomorrow.

Virat and Bhavani talk to each other about the moments in their marriage and share their grief with each other.

Episode ends.