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The episode starts with Virat after talking to Juneja and Meena sends them away. Later Virat thinks about Amruta and drinks alcohol. Virat thinks Amruta might have eaten food and gone to sleep by now. Amruta comes to Virat and offers sweet to Virat. Virat asks Amruta what is she doing here. Amruta asks Virat to eat some sweet so that the bitterness in his mouth goes away. Amruta makes Virat eat sweet. Virat comments on Amruta. Virat applies some sweet on Amruta’s nose to tease her and comment on her. Virat later speaks out his mind to Amruta on his intoxicated state. Virat says to Amruta how much troubled he is with Priyanka coming here. Virat apologises to Amruta for his rude behaviour with her. Virat says this day is really bad day for him and goes to sleep. Amruta says to herself that this day is also a really bad day for her also and goes to sleep. Priyanka comes and takes a picture of them sleeping together.

Babita comes and invites Rajiv and Nimrit to dinner. Rajiv says Nimrit said that she wants to eat food here. Babita says to Rajiv that she will convince Nimrit and asks Rajiv to go and eat food. Rajiv agrees and leaves from there. Nimrit closes the door and tries to tell Babita that she got the injury on her elbow due to Rajiv not from slipping in the bathroom but Babita doesn’t allow Nimrit. Babita says to Nimrit that no matter what she has to uphold this marriage and says it’s really tough to uphold a marriage for women who will not have kids. Babita warns Nimrit to not tell anyone what is going on in between her and Rajiv. Babita leaves from there. Nimrit cries to herself.

The next day, Amruta wakes up and sees Virat isn’t beside her. Virat comes to Amruta and talks to her. Virat asks Amruta to get ready as they have to leave. Amruta sees Priyanka coming towards them so she hugs Virat. Amruta asks Virat also to hug her back. Virat sees Priyanka and hugs Amruta. Priyanka leaves from there seeing their close proximity.

Amruta later asks Virat if he caught a fever as his body is really hot. Amruta comments on Virat and takes him to give him some medicine.

Priyanka looks at Amruta taking Virat away and says to Amruta in her heart that she knows all of this is just an act and it will end soon and she will make sure of it.

Priyanka gets a call from a girl and attends the call. The girl asks Priynaka if everything went according to plan yesterday. Priyanka asks the girl to come and meet her. The girl comes to Priyanka.

Priyanka takes the girl to aside and lashes out at the girl for the goof up that happened in their plan yesterday. Priyanka says to the girl that their plan was that Virat would come and save her when she is troubled by some guys but Amruta came and beat them up and those guys took hold of Amruta. Priyanka says Virat saved Amruta from those guys and she had to fall into the pool to prove that Virat has more feelings for her instead of Amruta. The girl hearing about it apologises to Priyanka for the goof up and says it will not happen in the future. Amruta witnesses Priyanka talking to the girl while they were leaving the hotel.

Dildar invites the Chiknesh family and reveals to Chiknesh family and Ahuja family that they got the deal of Juneja due to Amruta and praises her. Amruta brings Virat home. Babita gets shocked seeing Virat taking support of Amruta to walk and thinks what happened.

Episode ends.