Kaise Mujhe Tum Mil Gaye 24th April 2024 Written Update on TellyExpress.com

The episode starts with Virat coming to Abhiraj and talking to him. Virat says to Abhiraj that they should forget about their past and be good to each other. Virat says he is just acting being good with him for Babita and nothing more than that. Abhiraj says he only wants both of them to be together like the good old days. Virat calls his family and says to his family that they decided to do game night out today. Nimrit and Babita get surprised seeing Virat and Abhiraj together and feel happy about it. Nimrit says they should dance. Everyone agrees. Virat thinks this is his plan to get close to Abhiraj’s phone to know if there is a link between him and the lawyer.

Amruta thinks once this notice goes to the police they will call Suman for summoning her. Amruta thinks if Suman calls Abhiraj then they will know there is a connection in between Abhiraj and Suman.

Kavita notices that Suman is calling Abhiraj. Kavita cuts the call and deletes all of Virat’s call logs and messages.

Amruta signals Virat to get Abhiraj’s phone. Virat takes Abhiraj’s phone and leaves from there.

Virat comes to Amruta and asks her to come to a corner. Amruta agrees.

Virat types Priyanka’s password and opens Abhiraj’s phone. Virat and Amruta see all the call logs have been deleted.

Abhiraj sees that his phone is missing. Abhiraj asks Kavita about it. Kavita asks Abhiraj not to worry and says she deleted his call logs and now no one will find that there is a connection in between him and Suman. Abhiraj recalls Virat’s behaviour and understands Virat is the one who took the phone. Abhiraj thinks Virat will never be able to guess his password and comments on it. Abhiraj also says to Kavita that they are really close to their goal.

Virat and Amruta notice Dnyaneswari coming to the terrace. Virat and Amruta hide behind Sofa. Amruta later comes to Dnyaneswari and talks about Jayesh saying he could never become a good son, father and husband. Dnyaneswari asks Amruta to marry a good guy. Amruta says to Dnyaneswari that there are no more good guys. Jahan comes and asks Dnyaneswari what kind of guy would she like. Amruta says she would like a guy exact opposite of Virat. Dnyaneswari and Jahan feel happy hearing it. Virat overhears their conversation.

Virat pulls Amruta to a side and says she will never get a guy like him. Amruta feels relieved hearing it and teases him.

Dnyaneswari makes a suggestion to Bhavani that she would like to buy a Mala for her. The Chiknesh family goes to do shopping.

The Chiknesh family runs into Jayesh’s Baraat as groom. Bhavani wishes all the best to Jayesh for her new life and leaves from there.

Suman comes to the apartments and calls Ishika but she doesn’t attend the call. Amruta notices Suman acting wierd but she is not able to see Suman’s face as her face is covered with Dupatta.

Episode ends.

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