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The episode starts with Amruta noticing a woman acting weird and she suspects it is Suman.

Babita says to Ishika that she will make her life perfect by throwing Amruta and Bhavani away from here. Babita says for that Jayesh has to come here.

Amruta calls Virat and says to Virat that Suman has come to the building. Amruta asks Virat to see if there is anyone in the wedding who is speaking sneakily in their phone. Virat agrees. Ishika’s phone is shown to be ringing in her room. Virat tries to look into Ishika’s room.

Jahan asks Amruta what is she doing. Amruta says Suman is here. Jahan tries to go to Suman but Amruta stops her saying to find out the true conspirator they have to keep an eye on her. Amruta sends Jahan away.

Nimrit asks Virat what is he doing. Ishika spots Virat. Ishika makes the make up artist act as if she is talking over the phone. Virat seeing it thinks the make up artist got the phone call not Ishika. Nimrit takes Virat to dance.

Virat says to Amruta that Ishika wasn’t the one that got the phone call and says it was the make up artist. Virat asks Amruta to overhear what Suman is saying over the phone.

Amruta overhears Suman threatening someone over the phone that she will come upstairs if she doesn’t come downstairs. Amruta says to Virat about it over the phone. Virat couldn’t overhear anything due to the noise in the wedding.

Ishika says to the make up artist that she needs to go downstairs and asks the make up artist to change clothes with her. Ishika asks the make up artist not to open the door until she returns here. The make up artist agrees.

Amruta spots Abhiraj. Virat pulls Amruta to a side. Amruta says to Virat that he is right. Amruta says to Virat that she spotted Abhiraj just before here. Virat says to Amruta that he thought it was Ishika behind all of this.

Amruta and Virat notice a person in black hoodie meeting Suman. Amruta thinks the person in black hoodie is the one who stole Jahan Kaur’s house and decides not to leave her. Virat stops Amruta and says to Amruta that they will catch that person together.

Amruta later sees the black hoodie person leaving with Suman so she catches the black hoodie person and tries to see her face. It is shown Ishika is under the black hoodie. Amruta notices blood wound on Ishika’s hand. Ishika elbows Amruta and leaves from there. Virat comes to Amruta. Virat and Amruta lose sight of Ishika and they don’t see Ishika’s face. Abhiraj witnesses all of it from a distance.

Nimrit and Deepika knock on the door to take the bride but Ishika doesn’t open the door. The others worry about it and decide to break open the door. Ishika opens the door and asks what happened. Jayesh says everyone was worried for her. Ishika says she puts ear pods in her ear so she couldn’t hear them. Ishika thanks God as she came at the right time.

Virat asks Amruta if she is alright. Amruta says yes. Amruta feels guilty as she couldn’t catch the person who stole Jahan Kaur house.

Virat encourages Amruta saying they will catch her and asks Amruta not to worry. Harsh asks Virat what is he doing. Dnyaneswari asks Amruta what happened. Virat says Amruta nearly caught the person who stole Jahan Kaur house but she lost him.
Dnyaneswari notices the earring and shows it to Bhavani and Amruta. Bhavani says to Dnyaneswari that this earring was given to her by Dnyaneswari on Amruta’s 18th birthday. Bhavani thinks Jayesh might have given this earring to Ishika. Bhavani feels dizzy.

Amruta asks them to go to a cafe as upstairs there is marriage going on. Dnyaneswari takes Bhavani and others away from there.

Virat says this earring is too common and they cannot point suspicion at Ishika just because of this. Amruta prays to God and asks God to show her the way to prove that this earring belongs to Ishika.

Episode ends.