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The episode starts with Virat sharing his grief with Bhavani. Virat says to Bhavani that she is the best and teases her. Virat later apologises to Bhavani and says he didn’t know about Babita’s plan. Virat says to Bhavani that they should leave if not Amruta will come to kill him. Virat takes Bhavani away from there.

The Chiknesh family is worried as they don’t find Bhavani. Harsh blames Virat for Bhavani going missing. Amruta drops her phone. Amruta hits on Virat’s chest and asks Virat why does he do that as he took away her job, her house, and now her mother. Amruta sees Bhavani and goes to her.

Bhavani says to Amruta that she is fine. Bhavani apologises and says to Amruta that she has become a burden to them. Amruta asks Bhavani not to speak anything like that. Amruta says to Bhavani that she is the reason they are alive. Bhavani leaves from there with her family.

Virat asks Amruta in his heart to blame him again. Amruta in his heart thinks it is no use telling him anything as she understood he will never apologise to his mistake.

Babita wishes Happy Holi Ka Dahan to Nimrit and Rajiv. Nimrit and Rajiv talks to Babita about Chiknesh family. Babita assures them that soon the Chiknesh family will be out of their life soon.

Amruta talks with someone over the phone. Amruta says to other person that she wants Jayesh to realise that he can’t marry another person as he hasn’t divorced Bhavani till now. Amruta asks him to come here as they are not taking them seriously. Abhiraj overhears this and understands that Amruta is taking the law’s help to stop Jayesh and Ishika’s marriage and thinks he wouldn’t allow that to happen. Amruta overhears a vase falling and she goes to check it out. Abhiraj hides from Amruta. Virat spots Amruta. Amruta cuts the call seeing Virat. Virat asks Amruta if she is not going to say anything today as he can see it on her face that she wants to tell him something. Virat says he got habituated to her false accusations. Amruta says those are not false accusations. Amruta says those can only be done by a person who hates her and there is no other person who hates her more than him. Amruta says there is another person who hates her and it is Babita. Amruta comments on Virat and says tomorrow she will end the hope of having friendship with him. Virat says he will also not play Holi and says he doesn’t like playing Holi. Virat leaves from there. Abhiraj gets a call. Abhiraj comes out of the house and buys Bhaang pills from a person and sends him away.

Virat asks Abhiraj what is he doing outside the house. Virat warns Abhiraj that if he tries to hurt anyone of his family then he will not leave him.

The next day, Nimrit asks Virat to come with her to play Holi. Virat doesn’t agree to it. Nimrit comments on Virat saying he only loves his past. Kavita talks with Nimrit and says to Nimrit that today is Jayesh and Ishika’s engagement. Virat hearing thinks he needs to participate in the Holi to be a peace maker when the time is right. Virat later plays Holi with Nimrit. Amruta seeing Virat playing Holi with Nimrit thinks he is wired as he says one things and does another thing.

Episode ends.