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The episode starts with Virat thinking Amrita has money to go on a holiday so she will also have money to pay the fine. Virat gets down from the car and talks with Amrita and asks Amrita to pay the payment as they used their private terrace. Amrita sees that the amount is Rs 40000.

Shekhar and Nimrit talk about Virat going to Amrita. Shekar says to Nimrit that Virat went to make Amrita cry as he saw tears in Nimrit’s eyes.

Amrita says she doesn’t have that much money to pay him right away. Virat asks Amrita to sign in this paper as a guarantee. Amrita agrees and signs on the paper. Amrita leaves from there saying she will never run away.

Harsh brings an auto. Bhavani, Amirita and Harsh leave in the auto to blue moon hotel. Harsh asks Amrita if they have that much money. Amrita says she has voucher that she saved when she got employee of the month.

Virat’s car and Amrita’s auto stop side by side at the traffic signal. Nimrit comments on Virat as Amrita bossed him around. Virat sees Amrita’s auto beside him and decides to teach her a lesson. Virat passes the car through a puddle and mud water spills over Amrita’s face.

Virat and others reach Blue moon hotel. Amrita’s family also reaches blue moon hotel.

Nimrit talks to Rajiv. Rajiv asks Nimrit if her family took any action against Amrita. Nimrit says they are making her pay a hefty sum for it and her job will also be gone. Rajiv says she deserves it .

The watchman at the hotel stops Amrita’s family. Amrita tries to explain to the watchman.

Virat sees Amrita’s family has come to the blue moon hotel and thinks Amrita has money to pay him but she is just not paying it. Virat decides to teach a lesson to Amrita.

Virat asks Shekhar to order an expensive champagne. Shekhar agrees and leaves from there.

The manager comes and apologises to Amrita as the watchman stopped them. Amrita says it isn’t his fault as an idiot spilled mud over her.

Virat comes to Amrita. Amrita thinks Virat came here stalking her for money. Amrita argues with Virat. Amrita takes the key card and leaves from the reception.

Shekhar comes and says Rajiv’s friends drank the champagne. Virat comes to the reception and asks the receptionist to send the bill to Amrita’s room as she ordered the champagne for them. The receptionist agrees thinking Virat is a friend of Amrita as she saw them talking.

Harsha questions Bhavani why hasn’t she spoken about this till now. Amrita says it isn’t Bhavani’s fault but it is Jayesh’s fault. Bhavani says she will go to Jayesh and beg him not to divorce her until Amrita’s marriage and his final year gets completed. Amrita doesn’t agree to it and says she will not allow him to face any humiliation.

Episode ends.