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The episode starts with Virat putting the Mangalsutra around Amruta’s neck. Amruta asks Virat how could he do this. Virat says he will not allow her to get rid of this relationship that easily. Virat carries Amruta in his arms and comes out of the room. Virat’s lawyer comes to Virat and takes his picture of Virat carrying Amruta in his arms.

Virat brings Amruta to all of the family members. Virat says to Amruta’s lawyer that it was both his and Amruta’s room. Amruta says to her lawyer that Virat locked her in the washroom. Virat comments on Amruta and asks Amruta to go aside and tell her lawyer how they enjoyed last night. Virat says to Gupta (Amruta’s lawyer) that he hasn’t forcefully married Amruta. Virat says to Gupta how he proposed to Amruta by getting on his knee at Amruta’s behest. Virat also says all the rituals before the wedding are done in Maharashtra style. Virat asks Kavita to tell about it to Gupta. Kavita says yes and says what Virat said is the truth. Amruta says all of these rituals are fake. Virat comments on Amruta. Virat shows the photos of Virat and Amruta together in the ritual. Virat also says to Gupta that last night Virat and Amruta completely became husband and wife last night. Virat’s lawyer also shows the photo Virat and Amruta coming out of the room together. Gupta after hearing all of it says this wedding can’t be annulled. Harsh says if the wedding can’t be annulled then he can atleast divorce both of them. Virat comments on Harsh and says to Harsh that according to the law if they want to be divorced then they have to stay together for one year. Virat says to Amruta that she has to stay atleast one year together with him to get divorce.

Amruta comments on Virat and argues with Virat. Amruta asks Virat why is he doing all of this and says she is innocent. Virat sees Dildar coming towards them so he leaves from there.

Dildar says to Amruta that what Virat said is right. Dildar says to Amruta that she is now daughter in law of Ahuja family and he asks Jahan to teach Amruta how to be a daughter in law of Punjabi family. Bhavani asks Dildar what is he trying to say.

Babita in her room drinks water. Babita thinks she has to bear Amruta for another year. Babita sees Virat coming into the room so she sits in the wheel chair. Virat says to Amruta that he has to do this. Virat asks Babita to get up and drink this glass of water. Babita worries about Virat seeing her standing up.

Episode ends.