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The episode starts with Students greets Malar Teacher who is writing quote on black board. Peon informs to her that he was fed up seeing the blank black board these many days. Finally you are writing proverb on it. After she wrote it this only this school feels like lively again. Malar says to him that he is the most happy person it seems after school reopen. He says that how many days he will safeguard the empty school. Even school gate covered with rust without use. Two students comes inside pedaling cycle peon scolds them for pedaling cycle inside the school. He shares to teacher now a days students are not listening to him at all. He tells her that he wanna ring the bell in time. She enquired him Is Sakthivel sir reached to school? He assures to her that he will teach on time.

School bell rings, students gathered in ground. PET sir asks students to stand in line and informs to them disciple is important to him. He scolds two students for not cutting their hairs properly. He mocks at them and compares them with comedian actor making girls giggles. He scolds girls for wearing make up and applyiing nail polishes in their nails. He asks them to stop doing such things. He asks boys to don’t dare to show your arms in school. Like this he orders students how neatly they wanna cut their hair and wear uniform properly. Because Discipline is more important to him here. One of the student comments that he was happy these many days without hearing this annoyed voice. Well, now he is here to annoy us again! He adds that its good his periods was not there in online class. Another one comments that he joined in police training in the lock down time and tortured the people whom played in ground and punished them. They cracks jokes with each other.

Bhairavan comes there and introduces himself to students as their principal. He welcome new students. He welcomes their correspondent Sakthivel for flag hosting. Everyone sings Tamil Anthem. Nandini and her mom comes there and stands in assembly. Correspondent shares his happiness to students for school reopen. He advises to those kids about their future. He asks them to learn everything in this school campus. He gives motivational speech to students and wishes good luck to them. C.M appreciates corespondent for giving goosebumps speech. He shares to Raju that he will become a chief guest to this school one day.

Kicha shares to his class mates that today is election day. They might vote for him to become a class leader. He shares to them that he used to help them a lot when he was leader. Students gets irritated by his speech. Girls teases Paaru using Kicha’s name. They shares to her he was doing this all to impress her. Kicha pleads with his class mates to vote for him. He orders then to don’t shout and throw papers on him. Raju and C.M discussed with each other about leader selection. Sakthivelu takes Kalai from there and talks with him. He shares to him that he learnt everything about him from his warden. He advise him to study well and use this opportunity to build a new life. He asks him to forget all past. Students thinks that Kalai is Sakthivelu’s relative and feels scared to messed up with Kalai. Sakthivelu gifts pen to Kalai. Malar teacher comes there he asks her to take care of Kalai. She assures to him that she will take care of him.

Malar greets students and introduces herself to all students. She says let’s start class. Students pleads with her to don’t take it. She asks students to introduces themselves. Students introduces themselves one by one. Gautham gangs are teasing new students. Malar appreciates Kalai for his self introduction. Kicha asks Malar to choose a class leader! Gautham suggests Abhi’s name. Kicha pleads with him to give another chance to him. Raju suggests Kalai as second leader. But he denies it. Malar asks him to use this opportunity and prove himself. She asks him to use his chance and change it if he don’t like it. Later Chella and Kicha feels sad when they failed to become a leader. Meanwhile Nandini’s mom plead with Bhairavan to give a seat to her. He refuses to give seat to her reasoning she scored less mark in English. She shares her dream with him. He insults Nandini for being a scared cat and send them from there. Peon meets them and enquired them what happened? She shares everything to him. He shares everything to Sakthivelu he suggested him to accept her. He adds that we might motivate students and make her score good marks. He asks Nandini to attend the class. Sakthivelu gets a warning letter from Government for less students. Peon feels bad to hear the news.

Episode end.