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The episode starts with Yuva pleading with Gautam to unite him with Meera. Yuva moves forward and realizes that there’s a glass door in front of him and Gautam didn’t hear whatever he told. Yuva shouts sir. Meera takes Yuva from there. Meera questions him why he is doing like that, Gautam could have heard him. Yuva says that he wants Gautam to hear the truth. Meera slaps Yuva and scolds him. Yuva loses his temper. He tells that he started fall for her the day he saw her at the temple. He asks how she can ask him to marry her sister. She rejects him for the dad, who doesn’t love her. He tells her to come with him. Her dad will realize her worth when she will go far away from him. She should marry him to get make her dad realize her worth.Yuva falls unconscious. Meera cries. few staffs take a Yuva from there. Meera thinks that Preethi marriage won’t happen until she’s here, so she decides to leave the venue.

Pushpa asks Gautam and Pushba who is Preethi’s bridesmaid as they have to gift her saree and all as per their tradition. Gautam says that Preethi doesn’t have any bridesmaid. Yamuna says that Meera is Preethi’s bridesmaid. Gautam argues with Yamuna over this. He says that Meera is a misfortune and he’s scared that Preethi’s marriage would get canceled because of Meera. Yamuna begs Gautam to accept Meera as Preethi’s bridesmaid and if he doesn’t agree, she won’t participate in Preethi’s marriage. Pushba and Vasuki also persuade Gautam to accept Yamuna’s demand. Gautam finally agrees. Yamuna gets elated and goes to inform Meera about the same.

Yamuna sees Meera going out of the venue and calls out Meera. Yamuna says to Meera that her dad is slowly changing. He agreed to Meera to be Preethi’s bridesmaid. Meera gets elated hearing this. Yamuna asks where she was going leaving the venue. Meera lies that she went to take fresh air. Yamuna takes Meera to Pushba. On the way, Preethi stops them and says that she is looking for Meera. Pushbpa teases Preethi that she can’t stay away from her sister. Preethi says that she is nervous and will feel better if Meera is with her. The trio go to Pushpa.

Pushpa instructs Meera to perform the ritual that the bridesmaid should do. Meera obeys and completes the ritual. Meera gets emotional when pushpa hands a saree and asks her to wear for the next day Preethi’s wedding. Later Pushpa tells Vasuki that she has given Meera the bride’s saree. Vasuki says that she will make the bridesmaid the bride and make Yuva and Meera’s marriage happen.

Vasuki goes to Dharmadurai and asks why he didn’t execute her plan. Dharmadurai says that he had another plan and tells her about what had happened. Vasuki says that thankfully Gautam didn’t hear else he would have made Meera leave the marriage as he hates Meera. Vasuki says that kidnapping Preethi is the only solution to stop this marriage and tells him to execute this plan. Dharmadurai agrees.

The next day morning, Meera is looking after arrangements and welcoming the guests. Yuva tells his friends that he waited to Preethi or Meera to stop this marriage, but now he will reveal the truth to Gautam and will ask Meera’s hand for marriage. His friend says that Meera will be there and she won’t let him say the truth. Yuva is determined to tell the truth to Gautam, but if he fails he has a plan B. He gives a pen drive which contains his and Meera’s personal photos and tells his friends to display it in all the tv screen. His friend says that this is wrong. But Yuva says that he’s ready to do this mistake to live with Meera.

The episode ends.