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The episode starts with Yamuna overhearing Vasuki and Yuva’s conversation and learning that Yuva loves Meera, not Preethi. Meanwhile Yuva’s family happily dance on the song Inbam pogum vennila visuthe remix song. Meera and Preethi come back to the venue. Meera tells Preethi that they are late and tells Preethi to get ready fast for the marriage. Vasuki thinks that she will abduct Preethi and will get Meera married to Yuva. She dances happily thinking her plan will get successful.

Yamnuna goes to Preethi’s room. She knocks the door. Meera opens it. Yamuna slaps Meera multiple times. Preethi tries to stop Yamuna, but she pushes Preethi. Yamuna scolds Meera for hiding the truth from her. Meera asks what did she hide. Yamuna says that Meera is still lying to her. Yamuna says that Meera hid the truth that she loves Yuva and is sacrificing her love for Gautam and Preethi. She had doubt when Meera didn’t let her to read her diary and asked her, but Meera lied to her. If Meera had told the truth to her earlier, she would have convinced Gautam for Meera and Yuva’s marriage. Yamuna asks Meera why she hid the truth.

Meera says that Yamuna and Gautam also hid the circumstances in which they got married, so that they don’t get hurt. She also hid the truth for the same reason. Yamuna says that their case is different from hers. She asks how she can hid the truth from Meera and Preethi. The latter confesses that she knows the truth. Yamuna gets shocked hearing this and scolds Preethi for snatching Meera’s love and happiness. Meera says that Preethi isn’t at fault. She loved Yuva, but she forget her love when she got to know that Yuva loves her(Meera). She accepted for this marriage as Gautam wanted this.

Yamuna says that she realized now why Kausalya’s photo frame fall down during the post rituals of Preethi and Yuva’s marriage. Kausalya doesn’t like this marriage. Meera tells that if Preethi’s marriage doesn’t happen, Gautam’s dream will be shattered. Yamuna says that she’s not bothered about this and wants to disclose the truth. Preethi and Meera try hard to convince Yamuna, but she stays firm in her decision. Yamuna says that she won’t let Meera’s love die. She has decided and no one can change her mind now. She walks out taking Meera along. Preethi cries.

The priest calls the bride and groom. Gautam and the family why Yamuna hasn’t brought Preethi yet. Gautam goes to check. Other hand Yamuna takes Meera downstairs. Gautam goes to Preethi and asks why she didn’t get ready yet. Preethi gives some excuses and tells him that she will get ready and come. She tells him to leave. Gautam refuses and says that he will wait outside the room until she gets ready.

Vasuki and Pushpa come to a room. Pushba says that Dharmadurai brought Preethi home by himself. Vasuki says that she called his brother to stop this marriage, but he couldn’t also stop the marriage. They wonder what to do now and how to stop the marriage. Yamuna brings Meera there and questions Pushba why she hid the truth. Pushpa explains her helplessness. Yamuna says that if they had told her the truth, she would have stopped Preethi and Yuva’s marriage and fixed Meera and Yuva’s wedding.

The episode ends.