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The episode starts with Yamuna confronting Pushpa and Vasuki. Yamuna ask them why they hid the truth from her. Pudhba says that Vasuki says that she wanted to tell the truth to Yamuna and Gautam, but Meera stopped her threatening to kill herself. Yamuna asks why Yuva agreed to marry with Preethi. Pushba says that Meera forced Yuva to agree by threatening to commit suicide. Yamuna scolds Meera. The latter justifies her act by saying that she did for Gautam’s sake. Yamuna refuses to accept Meera’s argument and decides to stop Preethi’s marriage. Meera pleads with Yamuna to not ruin Gautam’s reputation by stopping Preethi’s marriage. She falls at Yamuna’s feet and begs her to not make her a competitior of Preethi as Gautam accuses her.

Yamuna refuses to accept Meera’s request. Meera threatens to hang herself. Yamuna doesn’t budge. She scolds Meera and asks if life has no value for her. She further tells that she won’t gets tricked with her suicide drama and says with determination that she will stop this marriage at any cost. Meera calls Yamuna as Chithi shocking Yamuna and others. Meera says that if Yamuna was her real mother, she would have understand her feelings. She’s her step mother, so she failed to understand her. Yamuna cries and tells Meera to not kill her with her hurtful words.

Meera requests Yamuna to let Preethi and Yuva’s marriage happen. Yamuna cries. Vasuki advises Yamuna to not argue with Meera. She says that they can do anything, if Meera act stubborn. They have tried to stop another wrong from happening, but if Meera wants this to happen, they have to let it happen. Pushpa says that they can’t force anyone. They have done what’s in their hand, now they should leave everything in God’s hand. He will do justice. Vasuki agrees with Pushpa. Meera tells them to come with her.

Meera, Yamuna, Pushpa and Vasuki go to Preethi’s room. Meera calls Preethi to come with her. Preethi hesitates. Meera takes her to the mnadap. Meera makes Preethi sit next to Yuva. The latter looks towards his friends. Roshana shows him the pen drive that contanins the photos of Yuva and Meera. Roshna inserts the pen drive into the laptop. Yuva and Meera’s phot gets displayed on the TV screen. Meera notices this and looks shocked.

The episode ends.