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The episode starts with Roshna executing Yuva’s plan by displaying Yuva and Meera’s photo on the TV screens. However kids run by that side and the cable gets disconnected. The cameraman and Roshna’s boss come and scold Roshna. The boss removes the pen drive from the laptop and leaves. The camera man sits and program the computer to display the live wedding on the TV’s screens.

The priest hands the plate which contains the nuptial threat and tells to get the blessings of the guests. Meera nods ok and does so. The priest tells Yuva to tie the nuptial thread around Preethi’s neck. Surya is about to tie it around Meera’s neck instead Preethi’s neck, but a man shouts stop. They all look at that man confused and wonder who he is.

The man says that this marriage shouldn’t take place. Gautam shouts who he is. The man says that he has all rights to stop this marriage. Gautam warns that man and tells him to get out. Yuva’s dad also threatens him and tells to leave. Gautam calms Yuva’s dad down and tells Yuva to marry Preethi. The man shouts stop again. He says that Yuva isn’t Preethi’s choice. Gautam shouts at that man and tells him to get out. Yamuna stops Gautam and enquires that man who he is. Meera tells Yamuna to let that man go. The man says that he’s Preethi’s lover and she called him here saying that her parents forced her to marry the boy choosen by them. Gautam refuses to believe that man and holds his shirt collar. Preethi shouts stop and tells Gautam to leave that man’s collor. Preethi says that man is telling the truth shocking everyone.

Preethi removes the garland and comes to Gautam. Preethi says that his name is Santosh and he proposed her during her Malaysia tour. She loves him. He called Santosh to stop this wedding. She refused to marry Yuva when he fixed her alliance with Yuva, but he did not listen to her. Later on she had not courage to tell the truth to him, she thought to reveal this truth on the wedding day by calling Santosh, so he agrees. She admits that she should have told this at the end time, but she doesn’t have other way. Gautam falls back holding his chest. Yuva holds him.

Meera takes Preethi to the room and questions her. Meera says that Preethi is doing drama to stop the wedding. She says that this marriage is Gautam dream and he expressed it in front of in the stage and Preethi ran and hugged him. Preethi says that she could not tell the truth to dad, so she got emotional and hugged him. She can’t sacrifice her love like she is ready to sacrifice her love, Yuva. Meera repeats again that Santosh is a lie and asks why she didn’t tell this earlier. Preethi says that she wanted to introduce Santosh to Meera when he will come to India, but before that Gautam fixed her marriage with Yuva. She did drama of wanting to marry Yuva for Meera’s sake. She was scared that Meera would have harmed herself if she had told the truth to her, so she hid and beared the hatred of Yuva, Yamuna and Vasuki for Meera’s sake. Meera cries hearing this.

The episode ends.