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The episode starts with Preethi telling Meera that she always chooses Meera over Gautam and she acted till now so that Meera and Yuva get united. Meera says that she should be lucky to get a sister like this. Preethi says that Meera should marry Yuva and Meera says that Preethi should marry Yuva as it’s Gautam’s wish. Thet both argue. Meera slaps Preethi and takes her to the mandap. Gautam asks Preethi what she has decided. He says that Yuva will be the best choice for Preethi. But Preethi wants to marry Santosh and stays firm in her decision.

Gautam tries to convince Preethi, but Yuva stops Gautam and tells that Preethi should marry the person whom she loves. Yuva says that he doesn’t want to marry Preethi. Yuva’s dad opposes Yuva and tells Gautam and they have performed all post rituals to Yuva and he should marry Preethi else his reputation will get tarnished. Gautam assures Yuva’s dad that he will convince Preethi. However Preethi says that says with determination that she will marry Santosh only.

Gautam attempts to persuade Preethi that Yuva is the correct match. Santosh satya that Preethi won’t change her decision and suggests marrying her to him. Gautam says that the marriage of Preethi is his dream. Santosh says that Gautam failed to understand what Preethii wants. Preethi’s grandma interrupts and curses Santosh. Yamuna says that Preethi doesn’t deserve to marry Yuva and tells Gautam to decide what to do with Yuva. Gautam tells to Preethi to accept to marry Yuva to save his reputation. Yuva teues to interrupts, but Gautam shouts at him. He realizes his mistake and tells him that he’s talking to Preethi.

Gautam begs Preethi and gets ready to fall at Preethi’s leg. The latter stops her. Meera scolds Preethi and tells her to accept for Gautam’s sake. Yamuna tells Meera to not talk between Gautam and Meera. Yamuna tells Gautam that it’s useless to talk to Preethi, who oesn’t budge even after Gautam pleading her lot. Gautam ignores Yamuna’s words and tells Preethi to choose him or Santosh. Preethis chooses both of them. Gautam shouts no and tells Preethi to come and stand next to Yuva if she wants her dad. Preethi refuses shocking Gautam and Meera. Yuva’s dad tells Preethi to listen to her dad. Gautam stops him and tells that he made his decision.

Gautam addresses to the guest. He says that he fixed this marriage without knowing what Preethi wants. He says that failed to change her daughter’s decision, so he called off the wedding. He apologizes to the guests for wasting their time. Yuva’s dad stops the guests from leaving and asks Gautam how he can stop the wedding like this. Renuka calms his brother down and rebukes Gautam for calling off the wedding at the end time. Renuka announces that she will get her daughter Apparna to Yuva. Vasuki interrupts and says that their family fixed this marriage, so Meera will marry Yuva. Renuka opposes this. Vasuki says that Renuka’s opinion doesn’t bother and asks Pushpa’s opinion.

Pushpa gives her approval. Yuva’s dad doesn’t want this marriage happens as Gautam hates Meera. Pushpa shuts his mouth and asks Yamuna if she will give Meera’s hand for Yuva. Yamuna happily agrees, but Gautam shouts that he won’t agree. Vasuki argues with Gautam over this. Gautam says that Meera isn’t his daughter. Vasuki says that Meera proved many times that she’s his daughter, but he refuses to accept this. She says that Gautam lost his reputation because of Preethi, but Meera will save his reputation. Gautam says that Meera is the reason for everything. Meera looks shocked.

The episode ends.