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The episode starts with Yamuna trying to convince Gautam for Meera and Yuva’ wedding. Gautam blames Meera for Preethi and Yuva’s wedding being called off. Gautam says that Meera brought the badluck. He told them plenty of time to keep Meera away from all the post wedding rituals, but they didn’t listen him and they are facing the consequences now. Yamuna and grandma defend Meera. Gautam is stubborn and says that Meera is unfortunate. She killed her mother after her birth and if they get Meera married to Yuva, he will also die. He says that Yuva is a good person and he doesn’t want him to suffer more by marrying the unfortunate Meera. Yamuna challenges Gautam that she will get Meera married to Yuva and they will lead a happy life in front of him. Yamuna tells Meera to get ready for the wedding. Meera refuses stating that she will not marry without Gautam’s consent. Vasuki and Yamuna try hard to convince Meera, but she is adamant and says that she prefers to stay umarried than doing anything going against Gautam’s wish.

Grandma tells Gautam that Preethi whom he loves very much called off the wedding he organized and turned down his request, but Meera whom he hates, refused to marry without his consent. Vasuki tries to convince Gautam. The latter says that he doesn’t have any rights on Meera. Vasuki reminds him that he forced Meera to swear on Kausalya’s nuptial chain. Gautam says that Meera faile to keep that promise and blames Meera again. Vasuki says that Preethi called off her wedding, not Meera. Yamuna says that though Gautam hates Meera, he always fulfilled his father duties towards Meera. Yamuna tells Gautam to give his consent for Yuva and Meera’s wedding considering as one more duty.

Yuva says that he’s waiting for his decision. Gautam finally agrees. He says that Preethi rejected the boy he chose for her and missed a good person like Yuva, but he doesn’t want to miss, so he agrees for this marriage. The family gets happy.

Meera comes ducked up in a bridal look. Yuva marries Meera. The family happily showers flowers over the couple and blesses them. Preethi thanks Santosh.

Pushpa performs the welcoming rituals of Yuva and Meera and welcomes Meera into the house. Pushpa and Renuka complain that Yamuna and Vasuki brought Meera in the auspicious time. Pushba says that they have to wait for the inauspicious time to pass to perform the post wedding rituals. They send Yuva and Meera to their room till that. Renuka and Aparna go to the kitchen to boil the milk. Yamuna thanks Vasuki for convincing Gautam. Vasuki says that Pushpa prayed to God for Yuva and Meera’s weeding to happen. They have discussion about this.

Yuva expresses his joy of getting married to Meera and promises to Meera that he will give her all the happiness that her dad failed to give her.

The episode ends.