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The episode starts with Yuva promising to Meera to give her all the happiness. Meera cries and regrets her act. She says that she hid the truth that she also loves Yuva from Gautam and worries how Gautam will react when he will the truth. Yuva assures her that nothing will happen. He says that Meera was ready to sacrifice her love when Gautam fixed Preethi’s marriage with him. But destiny brought them together. They have the blessings of her mother. The destiny and her mother will make Gautam understand the dept of their love and assures Meera that everything will be fine.

Meera and Yuva come downstairs for post wedding rituals. The family teases Meera and Yuva when Meera calls Yuva by his name. Pushbpa tells the couple to feed each other the milk and fruit. Aparna asks to explain why this ritual is celebrated. Pushpa says that husband and wife should shares everything between them like they share the fruit and milk during this ritual. Meera and Yuva perform the ritual. Pushpa tells Meera to light diya in the puja room.

Santosh and Preethi are traveling in the car. Preethi tells Santosh to stop the car when they reach near her house. Santosh insists to drop her off at her house, but Preethi refuses. She says that she called him in order to stop this marriage. She further says that he got a place in his heart after helping her to stop the wedding, but she doesn’t love him. And also if she takes him home, her dad will lose his temper and can do anything. Santosh says that Gauatm is his future father-in-law and is confident that he can convince Gautam. Preethi says that it’s not easy, her dad doesn’t forget those who hurt him and tells him to return to Malaysia. Santosh refuses and says that he will stay in India. He adds that she can also come and stay with him as a friend f her dad tells her to leave the house. Preethi jokes and tells him to leave. Santosh drives off.

Yuva’s dad, kodeeshwaran stops Meera from lighting the lamp in the puja room. Kodeeshwaran refuses to accept Meera as his daughter-in-law and shouts. Yamuna tries tells that Preethi called off the wedding and Meera saved their reputation by accepting to marry Yuva. She adds that Preethi and Meera are equal for them and they send her to their house wholeheartedly. Vasuki tells Kodeeshwaran that it’s destiny’s descion and requests him to accept it. Renuka says that Meera is unlucky. She wouldn’t have got any alliance, so her family deceived them and got her married to Yuva. Puhshpa defends Meera. Kodeeshwaran scolds Meera and tells her to leave the house. Yuva supports Meera.

Yamuna says that Gautam achieved big in his business because of Meera only and she is very lucky. Yamuna assures that Meera would be a good daughter-in-law for them. Kodeeshwaran worries that Yuva gets into trouble because of Meera and even Gautam believes this. Yamuna assures Kodeeshwaran that it’s not true. However Kodeeshwaran is adamant of not letting Meera to light the lamp. Renuka supports Kodeeshwaran and badmouths Meera. Yuva loses his temper and raises his hand shockeding everyone. Kodeeshwaran asks Yuva how he dared to raise his hands to hit his sister. Yuva argues with his dad. Koodeeshwaran gets shocked and tells Yuva to get out.

The episode ends.