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SunTV’s popular show Kannana Kanne is gearing up for more drama with some paranormal activities taking place in the storeroom.

In the previous episode it was seen that Dhanalakshmi called Yuva and asked to bring a stool from the storeroom. Yuva went to the storeroom and he got stunned when the door opened by itself. He went in and he was surprised finding the storeroom. He decided to use it as a place to meet Meera. Something was shown observing Yuva from a box.

In today’s episode it’s seen that Yuva takes Meera to the storeroom to spend some time alone. A snake is shown watching Yuva and Meera from the box. Gautam searches for Yuva. Gautam goes upstairs to find Yuva. Preethi phones Yuva and Meera to alert them, but their phone is out of coverage. Dhanalakshmi remembers Yuva asking about the storeroom and doubts that Yuva might have taken Meera to the storeroom. She shares the same with Yamuna. The trip go to stop Gautam from seeing Yuva and Meera in storeroom. Dhanalakshmi stops Gautam from opening the storeroom door. She says that she has Yuva to get stool. Gautam scolds Dhanalakshmi. Yuva goes out while Meera hides there. Gautam prohibits anyone to enter that room. He locks the room and throws the key out of the window. Meera gets shocked when she is unable to open the room. Yuva Preethi and Yamuna searches the key in the garden. Other hand Meera feels suffocated and wishes that Yuva takes her out as soon as possible. The snake comes near Meera and stands near her foot.

Will the snake bite Meera? How did the snake come into that room?

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