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SunTV’s popular show Kannana Kanne is gearing up for more drama with Gautam getting suspicious of Yuva and Meera.

In the previous episode it was seen that Gautam family came to a jewelry shop to get jewels for Meera’s post wedding ritual. Gautam made Yuva sit next to Meera and went away to observe them. Yuva realised this and wrote that Gautam was observing them in a piece of paper and passed it to Meera. The latter gots shocked reading this. The inspector Shanti whom Yuva and Meera met in Yercaud, came to the same jewelry shop. Meera and Yuva hid on seeing her. Yuva asked Meera to go and sit in the car. Meera obeys. Shanti saw Yuva and started to have a talk. Gautam asked her that how she knows Yuva. Shanti said that she met him in Yercaud first then she changed it. However Gautam got suspicious. Shanti took their leave. While going out Shanti met Meera and said what happened. Later Gautam phoned his man and asked to find out the details of Shanti. Yuva and Meera met and talked about what happened. They decided to not talk with each other until Gautam stop suspecting them. That time Gautam came there. Yuva and Meera pretended to fight and fool Gautam.

In today’s episode it’s seen that Kodeeshwaran will call Gautam to come near the swimming pool to talk. Gautam will agree and will go there. Meera will also come that way. Suddenly a ballon will burst and both Gautam and Meera will get scared. Meera will hug Gautam getting scared which will leave Gautam perplexed. Yuva will see this shocked.

What will happen now? How Gautam will react?

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