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SunTV’s popular daily soap Kannana Kanne is all set for some new twists and turns in the show with some strange things happening in the storeroom.

In the previous episode it was seen that Yuva rescued Meera in time from the storeroom. As Meera got scared, he took care of her like a mother. Meera revealed to Yuva that she heard a female voice calling out her name when she was locked inside the storeroom. She said that she felt a strong emotion in that voice. Yuva said that it could her imagination and said that he will prove that there is nothing in that room. Yuva took Meera to the storeroom and they sat there to see what’s happening. Other hand Santosh sneaked into Gautam’s and met Preethi. The servant spotted a shadow and he misunderstood Santosh for thief and informed Yamuna. The latter told it could be Yuva, but the servant strongly said it wasn’t Yuva.

In the previous episode it will be seen that Yamuna will serach

In the upcoming episode it will be seen that Yamuna will come to the storeroom holding a torch and will search if there’s anyone. Yamuna will spot Santosh and Preethi hiding inside a cupboard and will get shocked. Yamuna will slap Preethi. Yuva and Meera will notice them. Yamuna will scold her. Yamuna will say that Gautam can kill her if he gets to know this. Gautam will get shocked on seeing Santosh coming down stairs.

Did Gautam really see Santosh? How he will react?

All these questions will be answered in the upcoming episode. Keep watching the show and keep checking this space for latest updates of your favorite Tamil shows.