Karamphal Data Shani produced by Creator Siddharth Kumar Tewary is being appreciated by classes and masses. We checked out with the star cast about the applause they are getting!


Displaying Kartikey Malviye as young Shani.JPG
Kartikey Malviye – The response I am getting for my character is very good and the best compliment I got is that “You are the Perfect Shani and a  Rockstar”.
Displaying Salil Ankola as Surya.JPG
Salil Ankola – Not one response but it’s like thousands of responses and the best one is like the Pranaams I get in the morning for being Suryadev.
Displaying Juhi Parmar as Sangya.JPG
Juhi Parmar – I have got fantastic response. Everyone is loving the show and I have got many compliments but the best one was from my daughter, she says my mamma is a princess.
Displaying Tarun Khanna as Shiv.JPG
Tarun Khanna – I have been getting awesome response for my character. The promos are constantly on air between all the shows on colors and that has created a huge buzz. I am even getting calls to make appearance as Mahadev at a few events and that’s a huge bonus. But the best compliment was when a fan wrote that I have redefined the role and perception of Mahadev. He is the perfect mix of anger and innocence. That’s why he is called Rudra and Bholenath, both. Another one said I gave it a lot of dignity and class. I consider it Shiva’s blessings
Displaying Kamaljeet Rana.jpeg
Kamaljeet Rana – My friends and family are loving the TV show. They are loving all the characters in the show. People generally don’t know about Shani’s story so they are inquisitive about what is going to happen. The show is a visual treat. The best compliment that I got for the show was that we have surpassed the standards of television industry.
Displaying Kunal Bakshi as Indra.JPG
Kunal Bakshi – I am getting super awesome response for the show and my character and the best compliment was only Kunal Bakshi can do justice to Indra’s character and no one else in the world. And people are falling in love with Indra’s character after I started doing it.


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