By Gossips Tv : Popular TV actor Karan Wahi again in limelight and took to social media to share a distressing incident of harassment he faced on the road. However, a contradictory narrative has emerged, claiming that Wahi, in fact, was the one at fault.

Wahi detailed the encounter on Instagram, recounting how a simple right turn on the road escalated into a heated altercation with a stranger. The actor claimed that the aggressor hurled abuses and targeted him for being a “two-penny TV actor.” Wahi attempted to defuse the situation by taking the aggressor’s scooter key, returning it, and leaving the scene. But the harassment persisted, forcing him to seek refuge at a nearby police station.

However, a user has presented a contrasting version of events, accusing Wahi of drinking and driving. According to this account, Wahi allegedly hit the user’s bike, took the keys, and ran away, leaving the user stranded. The user claims to have chased Wahi, recorded a video, and urged him to go to the police. Despite the presence of a police van on the scene, Wahi allegedly refused to comply, eventually making scratches on his car at home and fabricating sympathy-inducing stories on social media.

The controversy deepens as the user accuses Wahi of drinking and driving, a serious offense that the actor supposedly evaded when confronted by the police. The user’s account challenges Wahi’s credibility, presenting a different perspective on the incident.

This conflicting narrative highlights the complexities of high-profile encounters and the challenges faced by public figures in maintaining their public image. The incident not only sheds light on the vulnerability of celebrities in seemingly routine situations but also underscores the importance of addressing such disputes through legal channels.

As fans and the public grapple with the conflicting stories, the truth behind Karan Wahi’s roadside drama remains uncertain. The controversy adds a layer of intrigue to the actor’s recent reunion with Jennifer Winget on the web series “Raisinghani Vs Raisinghani,” leaving fans divided over their support for the TV star. The resolution of this controversy will undoubtedly be closely watched, as it delves into the blurred lines between fame, responsibility, and the harsh realities of public life.