Star Plus popular show, ‘Shaurya aur Anokhi ki kahani’ is being appreciated by the fans and the TRP audiences lately. With each passing episode, people are liking the pace and the entire build up to their story so much. The show also got trended some days ago post the new promo release where we can see Shaurya going a bit more concerned and soft for his not so favourite (most favourite) student Anokhi urff Ms. Bhalla. The fans of the couple of Shaurya and Anokhi are very excited and they can’t stop gushing over the promo and the upcoming track in the show. They are expressing their love and liking for the show in full swing. Currently the show is focusing on the vulnerable relationship between Shaurya and his mother Aastha and Anokhi is being a medium between them who is trying her best to make things better between her two most favourite teachers.

While the onscreen track and story are giving the audiences exactly what they are looking for, the show and the cast are also leaving no stone unturned to provide enough content for fans offline too through their social media accounts across any medium. The lead actor of the show , Karanvir Sharma is known among fans for his sarcasm and sense of humour. The actor is quite active on his IG and Twitter accounts and often gets interactive with fans and appreciates the efforts made by them. Apart from this, the actor sometimes plays pranks or posts funny and witty stuff in his social media handles. The female lead of the show, Debattam Saha joined twitter on the occasion of valentine’s day 14th February, 2021 to interact more with her fans personally.

There is a phrase which says “better late than never” hence maybe a little bit late but finally Shaurya sir is here to welcome his favourite student on this platform. We all know Debattama’s love for singing hence the actor comes up with the most possible melodious welcome song for his co actor. Since he comes up with this unique welcome style, the fans can’t stop appreciating his sense of humour and also they are a having a great morning gift from the main man himself. Now it will be really interesting to see what will be the reply of Anokhi to her sir in a more “Anokhi” or unique way? Well we got to wait for this but till then let us all enjoy this laughing melody with a chocolate melody, Maybe? Or enjoying the humour with the birthday cake from Shaurya Sabherwal party will be more apt and fun loving what say? Watch the welcome on this link,

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