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Episode starts with Bhagyalakshmi plans to teach lesson to Mounitha for challenging her. Karthik stops Priyamani and asks her to tell him about what happened during that night? I know Mounitha is your owner but it’s matter of my life and you’re working in that place from many days and you know that I always treat Mounitha like my friend and you know that current accusations against me is wrong and even I know that I’m innocent but don’t know why Mounitha’s is so confident and I can’t asks that night to tell me the truth and my life depends on this truth so please help me and reveal what happened that day. Priyamani thinks Mounitha may kill her if she reveals anything and tells to Karthik that she dont know anything and folds his hands Infront of him. Karthik leaves in his car.

Mounitha notices Deepa and Aditya are coming out from some house and she thinks where they went. Deepa asks Aditya to don’t reveal anything to Karthik. Aditya questions why she wants him to hide it when she is helping Karthik and he may feel relief if he finds it. Deepa says Mounitha is feeling that I’m not supporting your brother that’s why she is planning in cool way and if she finds that I’m trusting your brother and helping him than she may speed up her plans. Aditya agrees and they leaves from that place in their car. Mounitha enters to that house and gets shocked knowing that house is belongs to Lawyer and she thinks if Deepa’s meeting lawyer to help Karthik against her? She gets panicked.

Bhagyalakshmi cleans Feels and Karthik’s photo. Karthik reaches to Bhagyalakshmi house. Bhagyalakshmi tells him she will remove it if he wants her to do it. Karthik asks if she is testing her. Bhagyalakshmi tells him no. Karthik asks how’s she. Bhagyalakshmi tells him she is fine and asks him to sit. Karthik folds his hands and feels regretful for his behaviour towards them in the past and he thanks her for trusting him when noone is with him and tells her that his Mom didn’t believed him but you trusted me and Im seeing Mom in you and you trust on me is correct and those accusations are wrong and I’m facing this situation for doubting Deepa and I want to have fresh life in the future that’s why I came to apologize to you for my past mistake. Bhagyalakshmi says your wish will be fulfilled and I know about Mounitha and i will try to teach her a lesson and you will live happily with Deepa so stay safely. Karthik agrees and leaves from that place. Bhagyalakshmi wishes for Karthik and Deepa’s happiness.

Deepa gets confused with kids cat walk. Kids feels shy seeing their Mom than three of them smiles happily. Karthik sees them. Deepa tells them she want them to stay happy like this forever. Kids says include you and Dad too. Deepa agrees. Karthik feels happy seeing their happiness. Deepa sends kids to change their dresses. Karthik notices countdown is missing from wall and he walks towards Deepa happily and both lost in eachother eyes and their moments gets broken when Hima calls Deepa for help. Deepa goes to help her.

Episode ends.

Precap – Mounitha tells to Deepa that her husband is belongs to her. Deepa tells to Mounitha that her husband is from good family and belongs to her.