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Episode begins with Soundarya standing on the terrace looking straight lost in her thoughts when Karthik comes there. He is about to leave from there but Soundarya stops him and asks him to come to her. He goes to her but keeps his head bent to which she says he has now bent his head infront of her. She tells that she can’t believe that he has done such a big mistake to which he says even he can’t believe. Soundarya tells him that he has now done the mistake for which he has tortured Deepa for, even though she hasn’t done anything as such. Karthik is silently breaking with her words. She tells him that the parents of girls would send their daughters to him to clear their mistakes when he was studying.

They never panicked even when they got late in their combined studies and she asked them that why they are not scared for their daughters, they said that they are sending their daughters to Soundarya’s house and Lord Ram like son Karthik. But today he has damaged everything they built and their reputation too with his mistake. She tells him that because of him, Murali Krishna got guts to shout at her and question her. He did that because his daughter proved herself and why wouldn’t he. Soundarya tells him that his father called today and he was saying that his daughter’s wants to come back from farm house and when he asked her the reason, she didn’t tell him anything. She asks him as to how to tell him.

Karthik holds her hands and shakes his head in no as if asking her not to tell him anything. Soundarya asks him not to be scared as she herself don’t have any courage to tell him the truth and he should tell him and frees her hand. Karthik tells her that he hadn’t done it intentionally and it was a mistake and he loves his wife. Soundarya says that she and his wife has always warned him about monitha saying that she will ruin their life but he never listed and today she got the chance to do what she always wanted, she would have provoked him. She then takes him with her to have dinner.

Deepa is cleaning things in the house when a man comes there, she recognises him as he tells his name as Laxman. He asks her to talk with Karthik to help him as he has helped him by treating him before. Deepa asks him to give her some time to which he agrees and leaves from there.

Soundarya, Aditya and Karthik are having dinner with Shravya serving them when Hima and Shaurya comes there. They asks them as to why they are not smiling to which they do. They look around and ask for Deepa. The Screen Freezes on them..

Precap: Shaurya and Hima come to Deepa and hug her. They ask her as to why she is here and she tells them that she was not comfortable in that big house. Hima says Karthik is not comfortable in this small house to which Deepa says that he can stay wherever he want. Karthik comes to her and tells her that he wants to stay with them..