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The episode starts with Nirupam thinking about Hima and what happened with her. Jwala drops the Pandit at his destination and he sees Jwala’s hand and tries to talk to her but she is not interested in listening. Shobha comes and asks so you came to the level of wanting to know your future.

Jwala says she is not interested. Shobha takes her hand and says her future. Shobha says she has no money, no love life. Pandit ji takes her hand and says you are not saying right she has money and also live life but she has some troubles that’s all. Shobha asks the Pandit ji to shut up. Pandit says to Jwala she has money line and it will change her life. Pandit ji leaves.

Jwala says to Shobha you seem to be offended to what he said. Jwala counters her to what she said. Shobha says she will see what she does. Jwala says you can only see and there is nothing you can do. Shobha asks about the tattoo. Jwala says it’s her enemy’s name. Shobha asks about it but Jwala doesn’t say anything.

Jwala and Nirupam are in a Cafe. Nirupam decides to reveal about his love and Hima’s condition to her. Jwala says his situation indirectly. Nirupam says it’s something like that. Jwala starts saying something. Jwala gives advice to Nirupam to follow his heart.

Jwala asks Nirupam to tell to his mother that he doesn’t like Shobha. Jwala says if he wants she can tell her. Jwala says she will scold me nothing else for you I will do it. He leaves the choice to Nirupam. Nirupam agrees with her and says he will follow her. Nirupam thinks to himself that there is no need to tell about Hima to Jwala. Swapna calls Nirupam.

Anand says he can’t stand the silence in the house. Soundarya says we can get angry at her because she said no to engagement but we know now she has cancer what can we do. Don’t think too much and get upset.

Satya and Swapna come and say Nirupam caled them to come here. Soundarya offers Hima a drink. Nirupam says he will offer and takes it from her. Nirupam offers Hima and announces his decision that he is going to take care of Hima from now on as a Husband. Swapna asks what is he talking. Nirupam says he asked them to announce his decision.

I will take care of her like a child, support her like a husband and this is what my heart said. Swapna shouts Nirupam’s name. Nirupam says he is going to marry Hima. Swapna and Satya try to talk to him but he leaves. Swapna and Satya also leave angrily. Hima thinks how did Nirupam take this kind of decision I thought by acting as cancer I can convince Nirupam to marry Jwala. She thinks to talk to him.

Episode ends.