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Episode starts with Deepa goes out of her room with packed bags thinking Karthik just needs kids and he don’t need me than what’s the purpose of staying here and recently Mom in law also supporting him so no need to stay here and she leaves from Karthik’s house.

Karthik thinks about his Mom words. Bharati reaches to Karthik’s hospital and asks about Deepa’s health condition and questions why he looks tensed. Karthik says he feel it’s time for Deepa to know the truth of her health because Deepa’s misunderstanding the intentions of our care. Bharati says you’re correct but what if Deepa can’t bear this truth? Than her nerves in brain may gets bursted.

Karthik says I know it but situation is going out of hand and she may decides to leave house in this depression so it’s better if we reveal it. Bharathi says they have to think about further consequences too. Karthik says Deepa is staying in kitchen because of her stubbornness. Bharati says than its better to tell her the truth, reveal it slowly. Karthik says I can’t tell this truth to her so please convey this to her. Bharati says she can’t do it and asks him to do it by himself to regain Deepa’s trust. Karthik looks on.

At home Mounitha busily checks reports and places them on table and feels happy seeing Bharati and goes to get her tea. Bharati notices Deepa reports duplicate copy at Mounitha place and she doubts Mounitha’s intentions.

Mounitha gives her tea and asks why Karthik called her to hospital. Bharati says Deepa is misunderstanding Karthik intentions that’s why he asked me to reveal truth to Deepa but I denied and asked him to reveal it by himself to clear their misunderstandings. Mounitha says did you also joined Deepa’s fan club, why can’t you think about me? I’m also your friend and you knew that I love Karthik than why you’re trying to clear their misunderstandings and Deepa don’t live Karthik that’s why her self respect is important to her and Karthik wants her to live for kids and both don’t want to get united than why you’re trying to unite them. Bharati says so you don’t like them to get united, now I understood why you’re calling me to know about Deepa but Im not your kind of person plus Karthik treated you like friend and your love is not looking like genuine so I will never encourage your love. Mounitha says she don’t need her support and asks her to leave. Bharati confronts Mounitha saying how dare she to collect Deepa reports from her hospital? And those red signs in file are showing your sadism and she leaves from Mounitha place.

Deepa returns Sriram Nagar basti in Varanasi auto. Varanasi says she took decision hastily. Deepa says her patience is ended. Sarojini sees Deepa with bags and tells her she thought she never came to basti. Deepa says this is my maternal place. Varanasi says everyone take good care of Deepa. Sarojini says they will talk.with Soundarya. Deepa says my mom in law needs both of us but I can’t stay at that place when my husband don’t need me and asks if house is still vacant.

Sarojini says still vacant. Deepa asks Varanasi to know who needs her boxes. Sarojini asks what about kids. Deepa says they visit me like guests and tell to everyone that I will prepare food to functions too. Sarojini asks Varanasi to bring broom so they can help Deepa to clean the house.

Episode ends.

Precap – Deepa gets cough because of smoke . Sarojini tells her Doctor babu is here. Deepa says seems like he is here to give order, know what he needs. Mounitha says Deepa which makes her angry and she warns Mounitha and makes her leave than Karthik drags Deepa with him.