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The episode starts with Karthik coming to Deepa’s house and seeing that it is locked. Karthik thinks of where did Deepa go? Deepa is shown to be cleaning the temple. The pandit comes and says to Deepa that if she does clean the temple everyday and prays to God then her wish will come true. Deepa agrees. The Pandit says today is an auspicious day and says if she lights up 365 Diyas in the temple then her wish will come true.

Mounitha sees Deepa cleaning the temple and thinks she wasted her time following Deepa in the morning. Mounitha goes to the Pandit and enquires about what happened to Deepa and what is her problem for her doing all this. The Pandit says it is not right to enquire about others like this. Mounitha asks Pandit why is Deepa going to light 365 Diyas? The pandit says today is an auspicious day and says if they light 365 Diyas then her wish will come true. Mounitha prays to God to make Karthik hers.

Karthik hears Anand crying and thinks of where is Mounitha. Karthik asks Siva Latha where is Mounitha? Siva Latha says she went out. Mounitha returns home. Karthik asks Mounitha where did she go? Mounitha says she went to the temple? Karthik asks Mounitha if she saw Deepa. Mounitha says yes. Mounitha says she saw Deepa cleaning the temple. Mounitha says her state is almost close to a beggar. Karthik hearing this feels sad and goes to talk to Deepa.

Sourya asks Indrudu if they can go to Sangareddy to go search for her parents. Indrudu says they will go in the bus. Sourya asks Indrudu what happened to the auto. Indrudu says he sold the auto. Sourya asks what happened. Chandramma says Indrudu’s got back pain and the doctor said to sell the auto. Sourya suspects Indrudu and Chandramma for their changed behaviour.

Karthik comes and asks Deepa if what Mounitha said is true. Deepa says it is true and says she prayed to God until she finds her daughter she will clean the temple. Deepa asks Karthik if he can give rs 600 for her to do Pooja. Karthik feels sad hearing this and gives all the money i.e. in his purse. Mounitha takes the money from Karthik and questions him if this is the reason why he sold the gold chain. Mounitha questions Karthik what is his relationship with Deepa? Karthik gets angry with Mounitha and slaps Mounitha. Karthik says he is only giving her the money for her to do Pooja and nothing more.

Durga comes and asks Mounitha how are the shoes? Mounitha asks Durga why is he showing her the shoes. Durga reminds Mounitha she is the one who gave the money to buy the shoes. Karthik says to Mounitha it’s not right as she can give rs 10000 to Durga for him to buy shoes but he can’t give rs 10000 to Deepa to do Pooja. Deepa says to Karthik there is no need for him to give money if Mounitha feels sad. Karthik says there is nothing like that. Karthik asks Mounitha to give the money to Deepa. Durga also indirectly comments on Mounitha. Mounitha gives the money to Deepa.

Episode ends.

Precap – Hima, and Anandrao to come to Mounitha’s house. Hima says she will take Anand with them. Mounitha calls Karthik and asks him not to come to the house. Karthik asks why. Mounitha says Siva got into an accident. Karthik and Mounitha are about to get in the car. Siva comes and asks Karthik where is he going? Karthik sees Siva.

Karthik asks Mounitha why is she stopping him and who is in the house? Mounitha says there is no one. Karthik pushes Mountain to a side and goes into the house.