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Episode starts with Deepa thinks where she has to search Mounitha. Varanasi brings the petrol. Mounitha comes towards Deepa to kill her. Judge arrives to court than hearing gets started.  Lawyer says Karthik had living relationship with Mounitha even though he is married and Mounitha got pregnancy than he started avoiding her and Mounitha complained to Roshini about it which made Karthik angry and he killed Mounitha so please punish this culprit.


Judge asks if he is agreeing that he commited mistake. Karthik says he didn’t do any mistake. Judge ask if he hired any lawyer. Karthik lawyer informed to Judge that he is taking Karthik side than he asks permission to question Roshini. Court agrees than Karthik lawyer questions Roshini if they had any live witness. Roshini says Karthik’s mother innlaw is live witness as she heard everything from the room as Mounitha locked her in that room by tying her. Lawyer asks Judge to note this point as Mounitha had another and Bhagyalakshmi heard everything but didn’t witness the crime. Roshini agrees. Karthik Lawyer asks Judge to notice that they are no live witnesses and he asks permission to question Karthik’s mother who’s owner of licensed gun which used to kill Mounitha as per FIR. Judge agrees.

Lawyer question her how 2bulletsvsre missing from her gun. Soundarya says according to police version one bullet is in Mounitha house and one in her body. Lawyer asks if she thinks Karthik killed Mounitha. Soundarya says her son can never kill anyone and Mounitha used to love him and she used to visit our home frequently so I thought she may stolen the bullets. Opposite Lawyer says it’s fact that Karthik went to Mounitha’s place with gun but here Soundarya is trying to portray like Mounitha did suicide.

Mounitha aims pistol at Deepa head and she warns Varanasi to take her to bridge to save Deepa. Deepa asks what more she wanted to do. Mounitha says I wanted to marry Karthik and to escape from punishment Karthik have to marry me but he already taken to court so die so Karthik will marry me for my unborn baby.

Soundarya tells Judge that every Mom may request to release their kid but I’m not that kind of mother as I believe punishment needed for one who did mistake but my son is innocent as I raised him with vakues and he may went to Mounitha home with pistol after finding her crimes but he returned back without harming her and its fabricated story that he is responsible for Mounitha’s dead and where is the proof to prove his crime.

Episode ends.

Precap – opposite Lawyer says Karthik is suspicious husband that’s why he killed Mounitha too. Mounitha takes Deepa to home and threatens to kill her but Deepa takes pistol from Mounitha and shoots her.