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Episode starts with Soundarya tells to Judge that her son is innocent and she trusts that innocents won’t get punished and she asks Karthik to be brave son as my heart is saying your innocence will be proved before judgement. Opposite Lawyer says Court needs proofs not emotions and he asks court permission to question Karthik. Judge asks him to proceed. Lawyer questions Karthik and asks fr when he knows Mounitha. Karthik says fekm last 16 years. Lawyers are if they are in love from last 16 year’s. Karthik says noone might objected me if I like to marry Mounitha but I consider her as my friend.

Lawyer asks if he used to drink at Mounitha place. Karthik says sometimes when my heart is not good. Lawyer asks is it because of your doubts on your wife. Karthik Lawyer about to defend Punblic prosecutor but Judge asks Public prosecutor to continue. Lawyer says Karthik doubted Deepa and left her for 10 years along with her kids and during that time he got closed to Mounitha and he realised Deepa innocence than he accepted them as family than he realised Mounitha’s pregnant and he killed her to escape from pressure as she insisted him to do her justice. Karthik lawyer says theis is no body of Mounitha to prove Karthik’s murderer and its just fabricated story. Public prosecutor says Karrhik Lawyer is just trying to save him by hiding the truth. Judge anounces court will continue after lunch.

Mounitha makes Varanasi unconscious by giving him chloroform than she takes Deepa to her place and shows her the Karthik photo and tells to Deepa that she won’t forget Karthik until she die amd I’m stayimg in this shed for him. Deepa says you’re culprit eho wants to enter my husband life forcefully but you failed to enter than you became devil and stoopped to this level so come and reveal truth in court. Mounitha says I won’t come anywhere and Karthik denied my proposal because of you that’s why I will remove you permanently than I will come out from my hideout so count the minutes. Deepa starts the count down which makes Mounitha gets shocked. Deepa gets gun from Mounitha and aims at her than she asks Mounitha to count the Minutes and tells her that she came to her place to finish her after knowing her staying place. Mounitha says it may fire. Deepa says I forgived you manytimes but I won’t leave this time because you touched Karthik. Mounitha asks Deepa to don’t kill her and tells to Deepa that they can share Karthik. Deepa asks which wife will agree your proposal and Karthik didn’t killed you than you must feel grateful but you tortured him by sending to jail so I’m going to end you and this is the gift I’m going to give Karthik by killing you. Mounitha holds Deela feet and begs her to leave her but Deepa won’t listen. Mounitha asks Deepa to think from her side and tells her that she can’t live without Karthik. Deepa says no wife can share her husband and I’m not great like Karthik to leave you so I will definitely kill you to save my husband and your death is written in my hand.

Episode ends.

Precap – Judge about to punish Karthik but Deela stops the Judgement by asking them to give her permission to submit important witness. Judge give her permission than everyone gets shocked seeing the witness.