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Episode starts with Sourya tests Karthik by calling him Doctor babu. Karthik says why are you talking in new way? Seems like you’re crazy like your mom. Sourya calls him dad. Karthik says good, call me in this way. Sourya happily hugs him. Karthik asks why you called me Doctor babu? Did you feel I’m showing variation between you and Hima. Sourya says no, I’m crazy one and now I can tell to everyone without any hesitation that you’re my Dad once I become collector. Karthik says I will definitely make you study what you wanted and Hima wants to become Doctor so I will Built good hospital which can opened with you and we both can sit in stage. Sourya says that means Mom can’t beside us that time too? Karthik looks on.

Karthik reminsces Doctor words that it’s tough for Deepa to live and she have to stay away from hot flame and smoke than he says Deepa may not beside us because she is stupid who gonna leave this world and don’t know why her self respect is more than than her health, she ruined her health, I will teach her lesson if she won’t take the medicines.

Murali Krishna gives medicines to Deepa. Soundarya says you did good by bringing medicines. Murali tells her when she have to take tablet. Deepa asks him for prescription. Murali Krishna tells her he forgot prescription in the medical shop. Deepa asks if it’s sent by Doctor or Doctor babu? What precautions he asked me to tell. Murali Krishna asks from when she lost her trust on Karthik. Deepa says when he bought me here. Soundarya asks her to take medicines for her health.

Deepa says my life won’t get better with these medicines, my husband words are reason that my health condition is getting deteriorating. Murali Krishna asks her to take medication for kids. Deepa stops him by asking to don’t involve kids in it and she denies to take the medicines. Soundarya says Karthik is changing and he may change completely very soon and you guys can get united. Deepa smiles taking it as joke and leaves from room. Murali Krishna cries seeing Deepa state. Soundarya assures him that she will make Deepa take the medicines.

Kids asks Karthik if they can go out in the next day. Karthik agrees. Kids asks if they can take Mom along with them. Soundarya sends kids to meet Murali Krishna and she asks why you’re so stubborn? Why didn’t you give her medicines by yourself? Deepa caught your act and I’m not understanding what’s your feeling, did you think how you’re hurting Deepa? Think peacefully to make Deepa gets better. Karthik looks on.

Mounitha feels nausea and vomits continuosly. Karthik notices her state and asks if she had any outside food. Mounitha says it’s affect of sunstroke and asks him how is Deepa health. Karthik says she is not taking medicines and don’t know why she is so stubborn. Mounitha says you’re also stubborn like her and you brought Deepa along with kids so accept her as your wife to let her get treated. Karthik angrily leaves from Mounitha place. Mounitha thinks noone knows my plan but very soon you’re going to be mine Karthik. Sourya shares her convo with Karthik to Soundarya and Deepa, which makes them happy. Sourya says Dad didn’t answered when i asked him won’t Mom beside us that time. Deepa leaves in dull mode.

Episode ends.

Precap – Karthik shows medicines in dustbin. Soundarya questions Deepa why she is not taking medicine. Deepa says let him give it to me otherwise I won’t take it. Karthik about to leave but they gets shocked when Deepa fell unconscious.