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The episode starts with Karthik in tears says Hima wants to leave to Basti to stay away from me and why God is punishing mom. Deepa says we are not leaving, I just informed you to know what she is thinking. Aditya asks Karthik to think about America plan as Mounitha can’t reach them according to law.

Sourya says Hima maybe we misunderstood Dad and what if he is innocent. Hima says why can’t you understand that it’s true as they don’t know my presence at hospital and your Dad didn’t defended himself infront of her. Sourya asks wont you call Dad as Dad? How can you talk in this way. Hima says she don’t want to call him father after knowing that he cheated their Mom and think about our Mom, maybe she become Vantalakka again amd what if Dad marries Mounitha once she released from jail than where we have to stay. Sourya in tears says she is scared to think in this way. Hima says We used to go to hotels with Mounitha and if he is good than why he met Mounitha at hospital. Sourya says now I too feel he is bad boy after thinking in your way.

Murali Krishna tries to hit her with stick than Bhagyalakshmi comes out from her bb mood. Murali Krishna informs Bhagyalakshmi what’s happening in Deepa life and they plans to meet Deela to support her in tough times.

Deepa performs pooja to Tulasi plant and prays for their well-being and change in kids behaviour. Mounitha gets to know from Sukanya that Karthik and his family are planning to leave to USA, Priyamani informed me. Mounitha gets mad and thinks who gave this idea. Sukanya says some Karthik and kids are not talking with their Dad. Mounitha thinks how to stop Karthik from leaving city.

Deepa thinks about recent happenings than she notices Kids comes out with their packed bags. Deepa asks what are these bags. Sourya says I called to Varanasi and he is coming here so let’s leave from this house. Deepa says it’s won’t good if your Dad amd Grand mother sees you with bags. Sourya and Hima says their is no happiness in this house and here it’s full of lies. Deepa scolds them for thinking in wrong way. Hima says we don’t want Dad so let’s leave Mom.

Karthik comes to them and asks if they are leaving from him and asks wont they need him. Kids hide behind Deepa by ignoring their Dad. Karthik asks Deepa what happened to them than he pleads kids to not leave him. Deepa says they won’t leave and forcefully takes kids inside. Aditya makes Karthik standsup and he asks them to leave to America to habe a happy life. Karthik says Deepa don’t like this idea. Aditya says I will make her agree. Deepa rushes out and informs to Karthik that Hima is suffering with sudden fever. Priyamani sits near Hima and tries to provoke her. Karthik and Deepa comes to room.

Episode ends.

Precap – Deepa smes Karthik for Hima state.