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Episode starts with Soundarya serves food to Karthik and they asks his family members asks him to have food. Soundarya assures him that nothing can happen to him. Karthik says Deepa might went to search Mounitha and don’t know what happened to her because Mounitha’s risky person. Soundarya says Deepa will bring Mounitha to court if she went behind Mounitha. Aditya says brother can get released if we prove Mounitha is alive.  SI asks him to have food quickly saying hearing about to start in 5 minutes.

Public prosecutor asks Judge to punish Karthik for his crime. Family members feels worried. Judge asks Karthik’s lawyer if they want to prove any evidence to prove Karthik’s innocence. Lawyer says no than Judge says arguments are over so if you want to tell anything in court befire judgement. Karthik agrees than he says my parents raised me with values but I doubted my wife and left her for 10 years because of Mounitha because she made me doubt my wife and Mounitha did many things to separate me from my wife so she can get me but I realised my mistake after 10 years than I holder my wife’s Deepa feet and reunited with her but Mounitha coudn’t bear my reunion with Deepa than Mounitha became pregnant with artificial insemination with my samples and she insisted me to marry her and that time Deepa proved Mounitha’s crimes to me and I went to kill her but coudn’t do it thinking about my family and I warned her to stay away from my life than she realised that she couldn’t get me that’s why she locked me in this case but the fact is Mounitha’s alive.

Deepa says your death is in my hands and she aims gun at her. Mounitha says you might get jailed if you kill me plus my baby will die along with me so think about it. Deepa feels emotional. Mounitha thinks now Deepa won’t harm me and she feels relaxed than she asks Deepa if she want her kid to raise with out her father. Deepa says it’s you who get pregnant with Artificial insemination. Mounitha says true but I’m carrying Karthik kid than how can you punish my baby for my mistakes? I did everything to get Karthik and I’m tired of everything so I will submit in court and get Karthik released from jail. Deepa asks if she can come with her to court. Mounitha says I will come with you and you guys have good values that’s why you couldn’t kill me but didn’t you know how Karthik created hopes in me by promising to marry me and he is the one cheated me still I told him that marry me so I will go to jail but he didn’t listen to me and you find that I’m alive so whole world will find it so I can’t run as I’m tired so I will surrender myself in court. Deepa throws the gun aside and takes Mounitha with her.

Public prosecutor says Karthik is telling fake stories to escape from punishment so don’t give him valuable time of court. Judge says he deserves to tell his version and he asks Karthik to tell them. Karthik thanks him and he reveals how Mounitha went to kill his wife as Sooth sayer and how she met him as teaseller and Doctor Reena with a proposal to release me if I agreed to marry her and she threatened to harm my family too. Public prosecutor asks if he have any proofs to prove Mounitha is alive. Karthik says no than his lawyer asks court permission to question Roshini. Judge agrees.

Episode ends.

Precap – Judge is about to punish Karthik with his Judgement but Deepa stops him by asking the permission to submit important witness. Judge agrees. Everyone gets shocked with the witness.