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Episode begins with Karthik telling Deepa that he wants to live with her and their children. Deepa keeps staring at him. He asks her not to look at him as if she is not trusting him and asks her to punish him if she wants to but atleast say a word. Deepa stays quite. Shaurya and Hima wonders as to why she is not saying a word when their father is pleading her soo much. Karthik asks Deepa to trust him. Deepa remembers how Karthik refused to trust her and smiles to herself. Hima and Shaurya leave from there as they are sleepy. Deepa asks Karthik whether he will do something for her.

Karthik feels happy that she finally spoke and asks her whether she wants them to leave the country and get settled somewhere else with their children and goes on to tell the countries words. Deepa asks him whether it won’t be a injustice to Monitha. Karthik stops talking and looks at her with pain. She tells him that she don’t want to talk about them, not now or anytime. She asks him about Laxman and recommends to treat him. She tells him how Laxman was praising her and calling him God. Karthik gives the plate to Deepa and leaves from there making Deepa wonder whether he will treat Laxman or not.

Soundarya is waiting in the hall with Aditya and Shravya. Soundarya asks them to sleep but Aditya refuses. Aditya wonders whether they started confronting infront of the children to which Soundarya tells him that they are mature. But Aditya refuses and says Karthik is not. Soundarya sympathises with Karthik and Aditya says that he is her son that’s why she is sympathising with him. Soundarya says that she is not supporting him but sympathising him after seeing how guilty he is. She tells him that he is broken, she also remembers how he would have reacted if he isn’t guilty. She tells him that he loves Deepa.

Karthik wakes both his children and asks them where they want to live. They tell him that they wants to live where their parents lives. He tells them that he will bring their clothes and leaves from there after getting teased by both his daughters. Deepa asks them to sleep and they go to sleep.

Murali Krishna prays to God and starts crying for his daughter. Bhagyam comes there and asks him to sit and think about how to solve the problem instead of crying and leaves from there after giving him a cup.

Hima and Shaurya are sleeping on bed when hima wakes up from her sleep sensing burning smell. Hima sees that the milk is competely burned and goes to Deepa who is sitting outside remembering Karthik’s words. Hima asks her as to why she is looking dull. She asks her as to what happened to them. The Screen Freezes On Deepa and Hima.

Precap: Monitha comes to Deepa’s house and tells Karthik that Deepa is soo innocent and waited for him for ten years but she is not like Deepa and if he does injustice to her then she will ruin their family.