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The episode starts with Priyamani indirectly tries to provoke Hima. Deepa and Karthik and other family members comes to Hima room and questions her what happened. Hima won’t answer them. Deepa says she is burning in fever. Karthik won’t check her remembering her warning to not touch her. Soundarya insists him to check than he holds her hand and says temperature is high. Hima asks him to don’t check her. Family members about to scold Hima but Karthik stops them to not say anything and he asks Aditya to call the doctor and he asks Deepa to clean her with wet cloth to reduce the temperature.

Sukanya asks Mounitha who’s Priyamani. Mounitha says she is my fan like you. Mounitha thinks Karthik may decided to leave to America as Hima got fever but I won’t let him leave this city and she thinks for a plan to make him agree that he is father of her baby.

Doctor checks Hima condition. Soundarya says Hima gets fever whenever she is stressed. Doctor prescribes the tablets and asks them to keep her away from stress than she leaves. Soundarya says Hima, remove that Mounitha topic from your heart as your Dad is good and you won’t understand even if we told you guys the truth so take rest like Doctor suggested.

Karthik says he is feeling helpless. Aditya says we are the one make her suffer. Deepa says you make me did mistake by hiding truth from kids. Aditya agrees than Karthik says how can we inform kids about it? New headaches will raise if we inform it and do you guys thinks I’m responsible for Hima condition. Deepa says indirectly you’re responsible as you didn’t inform anyone about Mounitha’s arrival to hospital and it caused Hima to believe the lies of Mounitha. Karthik says stop this discussion and think how to escape from this matter. Priyamani spies on them. Karthik asks why she came. Priyamani asks if he wants coffee. Karthik scolds and make her leave.

Sourya thinks maybe she misunderstood their Dad. Priyamani comes to her and tries to instigate her against Karthik by telling her about his frequent visits to Mounitha. Sourya asks who bought you here as I’m not liking as you worked in Mounitha’s place. Priyamani says your Mom. Sourya leaves angrily.

Karthik stands outside the Hima room. Deepa asks him to come inside but he tells her that he can’t see the tension of Hima so go inside and take care of her. Deepa checks Hima temperature than she tells to Hima that her fever is reduced and asks her to have milk. Hima denies to drink milk. Deepa request her to drink some but she denies and asks if she is not angry with their Dad. Deepa says let’s talk about it later. Hima asks to answer her question. Deepa says anger will come and go on your Dad. Ha says you’re lying as Dad cheated you still you’re silent and I want to go out but I’m stopping myself as I don’t want to see his face. Karthik hears her words and gets tears. Deepa says your Dad is good. Hima says he is cheater.

Episode ends.

Precap – Deepa says you know everything but you’re not doing anything in Mounitha matter.