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Episode begins with Hima asking Deepa as to what happened to her and why is she working when Karthik clearly told her that she shouldn’t cook. Deepa stays silent. Shaurya who woke up from her sleep also comes there and asks about the burning smell. Hima tells her that the milk has burned. They again ask Deepa but she making an excuse leaves from there.

Soundarya is roaming in the hall thinking about hima and shaurya’s words when shravya comes there. She gives her the coffee and Soundarya sitting on the sofa starts sipping it when Karthik comes there with a bag. Shravya asks him whether she should bring him a coffee and serve him breakfast to which he tells her that he will have his breakfast and coffee with his wife and his daughters in their house. Shravya nods and leaves from there. Soundarya stands up and tells him that his words sound soo pleasant to her heart. Him calling Deepa his wife and addressing his daughter’s is a pleasant thing but it took his ten years to understand their value.

Soundarya breaks down and demands answers to her questions but he stays silent most of the time. She tells him that his wife suffered a lot from her childhood and now he wrote the same destiny for his daughters. They should be playing happily without any fear but they are struck between their parents not knowing the reason as to why their parents are fighting and not talking with eachother.

She asks him as to what he will tell his daughter’s when they ask him about monitha’s pregnancy and where is her husband. Karthik tells her that he will not let it come till there. Soundarya shouts at him that she will break his teeth and asks him what does he mean. She tells him that monitha may be a homewrecker or a wicked person but she never laid her eyes on anyone till now, she always had her eyes on his and loved him only. She knows that from sixteen years. She tells him that monitha won’t sit quiet and she will make a big fuss out if it. Karthik asks her to stop it. He gets a call from monitha which he ignores and keeps cutting everytime she calls him. He finally switches off the phone and leaves from there.

Deepa comes home with her daughter’s and gets shocked to see the board for free treatment. They see Karthik who comes out of the house. He tells them that he will provide free treatment from here. He asks Deepa to tell Laxman about it. Hima and Shaurya ask him to help everyone to which he agrees. Shaurya tells hima that she knows her father is good hearted from long before when he came to treat poor with monitha. Karthik looks at Deepa who is looking at him with anger hearing monitha’s name. The Screen Freezes On Deepa and Karthik’s Face.

Precap: Monitha comes to Karthik who is standing near Deepa and giving him ten days, she threatens him to give her justice otherwise she will ruin his image.