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The episode starts with Anandrao tells to Soundarya that he is happy seeing Karthik and Deepa spending good time with their kids. Soundarya says they are happy and it’s like Pournami to them but Amavasya comes after Pournami because Mounitha may something and she threaten us at court that she will come to house with her baby. Anandrao says don’t spoil your present happiness by thinking about future possibilities. Soundarya agrees.

Sourya says you told us that we can leave from here so when we are going to leave. Karthik sats very soon and he asks them to leave. Kids leaves to room. Deepa asks if he is serious. Karthik says Mounitha won’t leave me that’s why I wish to go far from this place. Soundarya comes to them and asks what theynare arguing. Deepa says Karthik wants to go far from this place. Soundarya asks where he will go. Karthik says we will go to foreign and Mounitha can’t come to foreign as she will lost her passport because of this case. Deepa says I didn’t tell you what happened at Mounitha place and she reveaked them everything and tells to them that she is feeling pity for Mounitha somewhere. Karthik scolds Deepa for showing pity on person like Mounitha who ruined their life and prestige. Soundarya asks why he is getting hyper. Karthik says people who beared her torture will know it. Deepa says I beared more than you but her chapter is over so leave it. Karthik leaves. Soundarya thubks how you think Mounitha problem got overed, it’s started just now with her kid.

Mounitha calls Ratna and asks her to help her. Ratna says she can’t help her anymore as it’s risky. Mounitha assures her nothing will happen to her and she tells her plan to Ratna and asks her to implement it. Ratna says she will implement on the next day. Mounitha asks her to meet her after finishing the work.

Next day Deepa performs pooja to Tulasi plant and prays her to keep evilness away from her family. That time Ratna arrives to their place with package and tells to Deepa that she came to meet Doctor babu. Deepa says they are grateful for her help. Ratna says Doctor babu treated my husband too so don’t say you’re grateful to me. jail Mounitha thinks why Karthik is not understanding my love and why he is running behind Deepa. Roshini asks conestsble to prepare charge sheat on Mounitha as they have to take her to court. Mounitha asks permission to talk with her. Roshini agrees.

Deepa went to fall Karthik than Ratna sita deletes Mounitha confession video in Deepa phone According to Mounitha plan. Karthik comes to them than Ratna asks how’s he. Karthik says he is like before. Deepa warns Ratna to stay away from Mounitha. Karthik inteiduces Ratna sita to his Mom. Soundarya thanks Ratna for taking care of her son at station. Ratna says Deepa mam is the one who did everything to save Doctor babu. Deepa says it’s her duty. Karthik sees bag and asks what she bought. Ratna tells them Mounitha sent that bag to Karthik. Everyone gets shocked.

Episode ends.

Precap – Mounitha feels happy knowing Karthik coming to court like her. Sourya tells to his Dad that she is feeling scared when he is going out.