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Episode begins with Shaurya telling hima as to how she met Karthik. She tells her that she has met him when he came to help poor. She tells Karthik she instantly likes him the moment she met him but mounitha was with him there and she never liked mounitha. Deepa looks at Karthik angrily who looks at her. Shaurya tells him that she still don’t like mounitha and apologises to him for not liking his friend. Karthik remembers Soundarya’s words. Shaurya asks him whether he is angry with her for not liking mounitha but Karthik changes the topic. They decide as to where to keep the table and chairs so that he can treat poor. Deepa leaves from there while hima and shaurya hug Karthik.

Soundarya is sitting on sofa with shravya standing beside her. Soundarya asks her for Aditya to which she tells her that he went to distribute needy items in the office. Soundarya tells her that she always taught her children manners, love and to help. Everyone used to praise her children and her for their golden heart because of which she used to feel proud but now Karthik has done such a thing that she is bowing down her head in shame. At the same moment mounitha comes there wearing a black saree. Shravya and Soundarya look at her from top to bottom for her changed attire.

Mounitha greets both Shravya and Soundarya. She asks shravya for Karthik calling him her brother in law instead of his name because of which shravya looks at her with anger. Mounitha tells her the reason of her change. She asks for Karthik again to which shravya tells her that he went outside. She asks for Deepa and shravya tells her the same.

Mounitha asks whether they left together but answers herself that there is no such chance. She tells to shravya that she understands how she feels. She sits near Soundarya’s feet on her knees who moves her legs away. Mounitha joining her hands tells her that she is a great woman and she has always supported the truth, she supported her daughter in law because of which she is alive. Mounitha continues to emotionally blackmail Soundarya and then pleading for justice and asking her to think about her leaves from there.

Murali Krishna is drinking continuosly when baghyam comes there with vegetables. Baghyam asks him to stop drinking and asks him to make Soundarya write her property on the name of children making Murali Krishna think.

Karthik is looking at Deepa who is not even sparing a glance at him. Karthik wishes for Deepa to call him with love like she used to call him in the beginning. He regrets his behaviour with her when mounitha comes there. Mounitha tells Deepa that everyone should have been very happy and would have celebrated it as they have finally reunited but then everything changed as she got pregnant now. She tells Karthik that she is angry with him and demands answers from him. Karthik stays silent because of which Mounitha lashes out at him and tells him that a real man will face the consequences of his actions instead of hiding. The Screen Freezes On Karthik and Deepa.