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The episode starts with Karthik says I can’t lose you and kids and you don’t know about Mounitha’s criminal brain. Deepa says how many days we have to be in this way, can we leave to America like Aditya suggested. Karthik says it’s like we are running away in fear of her. Deepa says our whole family is getting scared of her so think whether we have to get scared or to face her. Karthik says let’s see as their is still time for her to get released.

Sourya reminsces Priyamani words. Deepa asks what’s she thinking. Sourya says I’m thinking about Priyamani, she is worker of Mounitha than why you allowed to work her here. Deepa says I felt pity for her condition that’s why I bought her to home. Sourya asks will she bring Mounitha akso too home with the same reason. Deepa scolds Sourya for their overthinking. Soundarya comes to them and she advises Sourya to not to think more than her age and she asks them to not involve in house matters and sends her to Hima. Soundarya tells to Deepa that she have to make Karrhik normal with her words.

Karthik goes to Hima room and he holds her hand and tells her that he is feeling hurt thinking she is spoiling her health because of him and I like you so much. Hima says I’m not liking you dad. Karthik says I know but I didn’t do any mistake so trust me and their are lots of matter which you can’t understand. Hima says I won’t stay here and will return to Basti. Karthik asks how can he live without them and I will stay with you as you’re my life and if you gets angry than scold me but please don’t be silent as it’s killing me. Sourya comes to room than Karthik asks shall we return to Basti as Hima is wanting to leave. Sourya asks Hima to out and they avoids Karthik.

Sourya makes Hima sit in swing and asks how’s she. Hima says she is feeling weak and will we return to Basti. Sourya says don’t know and they discusses they are still angry with their Dad and why Mom is not angry with Dad and why she allowed Priyamani to work here, are we misunderstanding our parents. Hima says Dad cheated Mounitha aunty, we have to leave to Basti.

Priyamani in tears sits near Karthik. Deepa comes to them and asks her what happened. Priyamani says kids are seeing her differently. Deepa sends Priyamani. Karthik says Kids are going far from me and they may think that I bought Priyamani to home. Deepa says Sourya confronted me in Priyamani matter. Karthik says she did wrong by bringing her to home. Deepa leaves without telling him anything. Bhagyalakshmi asks Murali Krishna to forgive her than she asks him to accompany her to Soundarya home. Murali Krishna says I have so much work at office as Soundarya garu is not coming so you go and meet them.

Bhagyalakshmi agrees. Soundarya goes to Mounitha where Mounitha welcomes her to jail. Soundarya says don’t hide your fear as it’s visible in your eyes. Mounitha says it’s respect aunty. Soundarya warns her to not call her as Aunty.
Episode ends.

Precap – Soundarya warns Mounitha saying she will use soc