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The episode starts with Karthik asks what she bought in bag. Ratna says Mounitha sent this bag to you and she didn’t listen to me. Everyone gets shocked. Ratna leaves placing that bag on table. Soundarya asks Deepa to open the bag. Deepa opens the parcel and it’s full of baby boy photos and letter than she gives that letter to Karthik. Karthik reads the letter which states our baby boy will look like in these photos so stick them in your so I will be happy and our son is named after your dad i.e Anand and I wil get you once I return from jail. Soundarya asks if her fear is going to be real. Karthik says I’m not like Deepa to sympathy on her so nothing will happen.


Sourya and Hima feels happy seeing baby photos and asks who bought these posters. Deepa says Aditya bought them for Deepu. Kids with smile says Deepu needs toys as he will tear these photos than they goes to play.

Roshini asks Conestsble to take the details of Mounitha. Conestsble asks her name. Mounitha says it’s K Mounitha Karthik. Roshini looks angrily at her. Mounitha says I’m carrying kid of Karthik that’s why I joined his name than conestsble asks for adreess. Mounitha tells them Karthik adress. Roshini asks her to don’t irritate them and she asks Conestsble to take her. Mounitha asks them to lodge every case on her and tells to Roshini that she did sacrifice and asks her to notice it. Roshini thinks she know how to handle her type of criminals.

Karthik says she is in custody still she is torturing us. Soundarya says she won’t change until her death. Karthik says animals won’t change. Deepa says she is mad woman si don’t consider her threats. Soundarya asks won’t she feeling scary. Karthik says she have so much sympathy on her. Deepa says you’re misunderstanding me and Mounitha is reason for our seperation so I can never forgive her. Soundarya asks them to stay united than she can’t do anything to you. Karthik says Mounitha is irritating me, wish to kill her at station itself, wish she punished for life time. Anandrao asks them to leave Mounitha topic. Soundarya says how to leave, Mounitha may return to home if she gets inch of place, will you allow her with sentiment that she is naming her son after you? And she left from that place.

Sourya amd Hima plays chess and they smiles seeing Aditya than he asks them what happened. Sourya asks why he bought posters to Deepu in place of toys. Aditya says he didn’t get any kids posters. Kids gets shocked than they discusses their mother again lied to them.

Ratna meets Mounitha. Mounitha asks how’s her Karthik. Ratna says he is fine and I gave the bag you sent to him. Mounitha asks her to leave than Ratna says in an hour we will take you to court. Mounitha asks if Karthik is coming. Ratna agrees thsn Mounitha feels excited to see Karthik.

Karthik on call agrees to attend court. Deepa asks him what happened. Karthik says we have to go to court as we are witnesses. Shravya asks them to book Mounitha for life time. Aditya says they can celebrate once Mounitha gets her punishment. Karthik says she make me helpless person with mental torture. Aditya asks if they ready to attend court hearing. Sourya asks Deepa why she lied to them regarding baby posters and questions when she is going change and leaves to her room telling Karthik to not trust their Mom. Aditya asks who bought those posters. Shravya takes him saying she will tell her.

Episode ends.

Precap – Sourya says she is getting scared whenever he is going out and asks of he returns to home safely or not.