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Episode starts with Family members happily teases eachother. Deepa tells them she will cook favourite dishes of everyone. Soundarya asks her to take rest but Deepa tells to everyone that she wants to prepare food as their daughter in law and I’m happy because he is accepted me, I don’t need anymore in this life and it’s fine to die in this happiness too. Soundarya stops her saying take permanent leave from your tears. Deepa smiles. Bhagyalakshmi enters to house and scolds Deepa for not accepting the medicines sent by Karthik. Shravya stops her mom by telling Karthik took Deepa to hospital and she is taking medicine too. Bhagyalakshmi feels shocked and asks is it true. Soundarya says it’s true, Doctor babu and Vantalakka are united. Bhagyalakshmi feels happy. AnandRao asks Shravya to call her Dad too. Shravya agrees.

On the way Mounitha asks what he is thinking. Karthik says regarding Deepa only, Bharathi told me that Deepa condition is critical and kids can’t bear if something happens to Deepa. Mounitha says seems like you can’t beat it too. Karthik says leave about Deepa mistake but tell me how you’re feeling after knowing her health condition. Mounitha says I felt pity for her but you’re forgetting her mistake too, anyways it’s common because she is your wife. Karthik says I don’t know you have this much soft corner for Deepa, why you changed suddenly. Mounitha thinks you will get to know about it very soon and she drops him at his place and leaves after asking him to take care of Deepa.

Karthik notices whole family is smiling happily and he thinks about Doctor words. Aditya says Brother is back, everyone stops their smiling, Sourya sats my Dad is not lion why you’re stopping the same seeing him? That’s why he gets angry. Karthik kisses Sourya and says don’t shout at them otherwise they will stop seeing you. Everyone smiles. Karthik asks Deepa if she took the medicines. Deepa nods yes. Karthik says she have to take medicine on time so everyone have to keep an eye on her and he trusts her ear. Everyone smiles. Soundarya tells him don’t know what magic you did which changed Deepa completely and she is looking peaceful.

Soundarya asks him to get freshen up so they can taste the food prepared by Deepa. Karthik gets angry and asks where Malati went? You guys know Deepa health is not good than why you allowed her to cook? Soundarya asks if he is angry that his wife is working? Don’t worry we helped her and she is getting treatment so will get better very soon. Karthik thinks noone can bear if they Knows about Deepa condition. Aditya asks his brother to come soon. Karthik agrres. Deepa feels their is something wrong, is Doctor babu hiding anything from me.

Mounitha calls Priyamani and asks her to cook dum biryani for her getting chicken from car. Priyamani agrees. Than Mounitha calls Varanasi and asks him to deliver Karthik car to him after setting the puncture. Varanasi agrees. Murali Krishna praises the food. AnandRao says Karthik their is no chair left for you. Karthik says he will have later. Soundarya says no need, Deepa and kids are waiting for you at terrace. Karthik denies than family members insists him to go upstairs. Karthik thinks to sleep in his room. AnandRao says don’t sleep in your room otherwise Deepa and me won’t take medicines from tomorrow onwards.

Episode ends.

Precap – Karthik gives injection to Deepa. Kids serves food to their parents. Soundarya and AnandRao feels happy seeing them.