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The episode starts with Soundarya says you used true feelings of Mom to get what you need and I never want to see your face. Mounitha says same but didn’t you get anything like Deepa bought Apples, are you planning to bring them on my srimantham. Soundarya says you got pregnancy through artificial insemination so don’t raise and I know that you’re trying to come out from jail on perol but I won’t let it happen and I will make police reload cases against you so you will rot in jail for life time and I’m not Karthik and Deepa to stay calm even though you target them and will teach you lesson.

┬áMounitha says I’m carrying your heir and once he is born, we will get all rights. Soundarya says stop your day dreaming and stop blaming my family as your pregnancy is your choice. Mounitha says it’s promise from my side that I will get married to your son. Soundarya says I’m sending Karthik and his family to usa and you can’t reach to their place because of your crimes plus I will prove that you got pregnancy through artificial insemination and I will use news channels and news papers like you’re using to expose your story. Mounitha gets shocked. Soundarya leaves asking her to take care of herself.

Karthik asks Deepa wgats Priyamani issue. Deepa says don’t think about it as It will pressure you more. Anandrao comes to them and asks about Soundarya. Aditya says Mom went to jail to meet Mounitha. Karthik asks what’s happening at home, why she went to meet her. Kids comes inside. Deepa alerts Karthik than everyone stays silent. Hima and Sourya says they silenced themselves so they may talking some secret. Aditya scolds them to behave according to their age.

Karthik stops Aditya but Deepa and Anandrao support Aditya. Karthik stops them and tells to Aditya to convey to kids that he will solve his problem by himself. Deepa asks where is he going. Karthik says don’t worry as I won’t die snd you guys don’t know how hard I’m trying to save our family reputation. Deepa scolds kids for thejr behaviour but Karthik asks her to not to say anything to kids and he leaves from home.

Mounitha thinks about Soundarya warning and thinks what will happen to her life if Karthik leaves to Usa and she thinks how to stop Karthik’s Usa trip. Anandrao asks Soundarya why she went to jail. Soundarya says it’s better if we think how to face it than hiding from Mounitha and I saw fear in Mounitha eyes because of my warning and it’s good to send Karthik amd his family to usa than she calls Aditya. Everyone comes out and Deepa asks where she went. Soundarya says you guys have to go to Usa. Sourya tries to talk but Soundarya stops her saying it’s final and she asks Aditya to arrange Visa to Karthik’s family.

Aditya says it’s not possible immediately as their are many restrictions in foreign trips. Soundarya says it will get completed taking time. Aditya says it may take 2months than she says it’s fune. Deepa asks her to inform it to Karthik but Soundarya says she is already decided and asks Aditya to bring quick visa.

Sourya tells to Soundarya that they won’t keave. Soundarya says you’re involving in elders matter and eating Karthik brain which we don’t want to happen and he begged infront of you guys for birthday wishes but you guys did over by insulting him so it’s final that you guys are going. Sourya leaves angrily. Soundarya asks Deepa to don’t get scared than she asks Aditya to start the procedure and leaves saying she will manage Karthik.

Episode ends.

Precap – Hima gets diary of Karthik where she reads about Vihari.