Karthika Deepam 19th May 2021 Written Update on Justhowbiz.net

Episode starts with Karthik gives coffee cup to Deepa after taking sip from it. Deepa happily drinks from it. Karthik says hospitals and Doctors can save the life of patients. Deepa says wish you have a love on me in place of pity Karthik.

Karthik gets surprised hearing his name from her for the first time. Deepa tells him it’s her wish to call him with name and now it’s fulfilled. Karthik about to leave but Deepa stops him and tells him that she is ready to die in his lap. Karthik leaves saying nothing will happen to you, so go and freshen up. Deepa thinks he didn’t even touched my hand so he showing pity on me not love.

Priyamani gets tea to Mounitha but she is not in her room than she searches for her and notices Mounitha is taking selfies in the garden. Priyamani asks if she already took bath. Mounitha says Pooja also over and I’m practicing how to be perfect wife to Karthik. Mounitha asks her to don’t day dream because you can’t wakeup regularly plus you change your words offenly except your love in Karthik. Mounitha says it will happen very soon so remember my words.

Karthik eats Tiffin with kids. Deepa thinks seems like still he have suspicion on me? Will he ever find my innocence. Karthik serves more Dosas to kids and asks how are they. Sourya says super. Hima asks where he learned to make Dosas. Karthik says they can learn anything if they have concentration. Hima says you’re great Dad. Sourya and Hima feels worried about Deepa health. Karthik says your Mom went to take bath and she is perfectly good so don’t worry, she just need rest. Kids plan how to take care of their Mom once they grown up. Karthik looks on remembering Bharathi words that it’s tough for Deepa to live long life.

Mounitha makes Priyamani clean her car. Priyamani tells her very soon she will leave after marrying someone. Mounitha questions how her opinions change? She asks her to stand on one statement like she is loving Karthik and you can’t quit job until I get married to Karthik.

Priyamani gets shocked and says your marriage won’t happen and I will become old while waiting for your marriage. Mounitha gets angry and she plans to separate Deepa from Karthik life. Deepa eats her Tiffin. Karthik gives tablets to her and tells her it’s not good for her to wakeup in the whole night. Deepa says that means you didn’t slept. Varanasi comes inside and asks Karthik why he called him. Karthik asks him to get the carriage for them. Deepa tells him she can cook because he can’t eat outside food. Karthik says your health is not completely set.

Episode ends.

Precap – Deepa breaksdown at Soundarya feet while questioning will she get chance to prove her innocence to Karthik before her death.