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The episode starts with Hima thinks they are not understanding and sending us to Usa even though we are against it and she opens the cupboard to take her clothes and book and in that process she finds Karthik diary and notices the content that why Vihari entered to my life than she thinks whos this Vihari and why Dad tored papers with pen than she notices in another page that Deepa did something to Karthik and thinks what she did?

Karthik asks why they have to run from india when culprit is Mounitha. Deepa says we are facing more punishment. Soundarya and Deepa insists him to agree with them as Mounitha is closing their all ways and it’s better to leave from here before kids go far from us. Karthik says their is lots of process to leave to America and you don’t know about the procedures Deepa than she says yes, ok Vantalakka and I don’t know about these visa but I know how much pain I’m going through with my kids questions. Karthik says it takes time. Soundarya says lets start it now than it will happen after sometime. Karthik says I have to give my hospital to someone than I have to start my practice in America. Soundarya says everything will be fine in 2months. Finally Karthik agrees for his kids.

Few months later, at dining table Soundarya says it’s been after 3months we are having food together and she praises Aditya to get the quick visa. Aditya says it’s mix of happiness and sadness. Soundarya says true, we are going to miss them badly. Sourya asks Hima to reduce her anger on their dad as they are leaving to America so let’s live happily with our family members. Hima says you can forget everything but I won’t. Deepa asks what’s this nature? Mingle with family members and have food. Hima angrily agrees to have food with everyone and she sits at dining table.

Anandrao says lets live this moment happily forgetting the issues. Aditya asks them to smile. Deepa says these kids won’t listen if we talk softly. Hima asks why you’re raising voice at me when Dad did mistake. Aditya says shutup , we are Bearing everything seeing your Dad’s love on you guys and he is so good and your Dad is innocent and Mounitha did mistake that’s why she went to jail so please remove garbage thoughts from your brain. Karthik asks Aditya to leave it and he asks Kids to have their food.

Sundarya asks Deepa and Shravya to sit with them than she asks Sourya if she packed ger luggage. Sourya says yes and you’re sending us even though we are against it. Soundarya says it’s for your good and tomorrow onwards you guys can see us in video calls only, will you forget us?it’s fine even if you forgot us but don’t create problems to your parents and Hima behave normally. Karthik asks his Mom to leave Him.

Vihari comes to Karthik’s place with his wife Tulasi. Deepa asks them to join them to have food. Vihari denies. Anandrao asks let’s join us Vihari but he denies and goes out to sit than Hima stops him and asks if he is writer of Deeparadhana. Everyone gets shocked. Vihari nods yes than she asks how you know my mom and why my dad is angry with you.

Episode ends.