Episode begins with Soundarya telling Karthik that it’s doesn’t matter whether it’s moral or immoral, it’s doesn’t matter whether he is weak but he is answerable to everyone who is suffering because of him. Soundarya asks him with whom he will be good Deepa or Mounitha. Karthik tells her that he didn’t know why this happened with him. Soundarya says it’s his sin and the tears Deepa shed is the reason. God is teaching him lesson and now he is struck with the sams thing he tortured and accused Deepa for years.

Karthik says he don’t know how to get out of this problem to which Soundarya says it’s not a problem but it’s a mud pit which is dragging him inside with each passing day and the day he gets married to mounitha, that day he will be completely buried into that mud pit. Soundarya tells him that like always Deepa will suffer and the injustice will happen to her and says she won’t let injustice happen to her.

Soundarya says just because he crosses his limits and says he don’t know how it happened, she won’t help him. She saying I am sorry my stupid son is about to leave but stops and tells him that he should say about his marriage with mounitha to Deepa otherwise it will be injustice to her.

Karthik is cursing is fate. Karthik decides to stop the marriage before Deepa gets to know about it. He wonders as to how to stop the marriage.

Mounitha stands near the mirror and remembers Karthik’s words about Deepa in the register office and breaks the mirror in anger. Priyamani comes running and asks her as to what happened to her. She tells her that from now on she should clean such things too apart from cleaning the house and leaves from there. Priyamani worries for Mounitha and her changing behaviour each passing day and cleans the place.

Deepa is in the house when BaghyaLaxmi comes there running and in a crying voice tells her that she is worried for her husband if he comes to know about this. Deepa asks her the matter. BaghyaLaxmi tells her that she went to warn mounitha to stay away from her but she told her and tells her everything that mounitha told her. Deepa gets shocked and angry. BaghyaLaxmi asks her as to what time did she give birth to her that she is suffering like this and leaves from there.

Soundarya is sitting on the sofa thinking what will Deepa thinks and does once she gets to know about the marriage.

Deepa is sitting on a bench and thinking about BaghyaLaxmi words. She wonders as to why he didn’t tell her the truth about the marriage whether he don’t want her to stop. She wonders as to why Soundarya didn’t tell her about the marriage and whether her heart changed for her son like it did for her once.

Deepa serves food to her daughters who asks for Karthik. She tells them and he will be late and serves them food but karthik comes there. They say they will wait for him. Karthik saying he will bath is about to go to room but his daughter’s says he don’t bath with cool water and insists Deepa to boil water. Karthik denies.

Soundarya is lost in thoughts when Murali Krishna comes there. Soundarya is worried whether he is here to confront and he asks her as to how many days Karthik will stay with Deepa to which she says they are husband and wife hence they are bound to be together forever. Murali Krishna asks her whether she don’t know about the marriage. The Screen Freezes On Soundarya.

Precap: Deepa tells her daughters that they will go on a family picnic and spend time together on twenty fifth and asks them to ask their father not to go anywhere on that day. Karthik nods. Soundarya tells deepa that her son is crushing between happenings to which Deepa asks whether that’s why he is ready to marry mounitha.