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Episode starts with Deepa says I got opportunity to prove my innocence, this is my life and death moment Dad, I’m not understanding whether I’m pass or fail. Murali Krishna asks how she got the opportunity. Deepa tells him everything what Tulasi told her and how Soundarya goes to tell this truth to Karthik.

Murali Krishna says don’t worry, Doctor babu is amazing person and he can understand the truth. Deepa says what if he won’t believe it than kids will feel sad and may question me when we gonna unite. Murali Krishna says everything is going to be good because he will definitely trusts his Mom words do don’t lose your hope.

Karthik remembers past incidents. Kids comes to Karthik and he asks won’t they are hungry. Hima says they wants to have food with him. Sourya says let’s have dinner under moon at terrace. Hima asks him to agree. Karthik says he will agree if she dance like yesterday. Hima agrees saying she will dance in the terrace.

Mounitha haves her dinner and tells to Priyamani that she is increasing differences between Karthik and Deepa. Priyamani says sometimes it may affect you. Mounitha says I will be careful so don’t worry. Priyamani asks what happened at temple. Mounitha thinks about it and slaps her again asking her to do her work.

Karthik thinks what if Mom words are true that Vihari can’t have kids? Than can I face Deepa and Kids? I must know what’s the truth otherwise I can’t sleep properly. Kids arranges everything in the terrace and searches for Karthik but he is no where.

Deepa happily packs her things thinking Doctor babu will believe it and thanks Tulasi in her heart and tells to kids photo saying your Dad will take us to his home and he will donate all these things to orphanage and I will hang these photos at that big house along with Deepu, Shravya and Aditya photos and I must inform everyone that I’m going to Karthik home and will appoint Varanasi as my car driver and will definitely give job to Sarojini sister husband and from here onwards my kids will live good life and God you must make us united supporting my Sankalpa balam.

On the way Karthik remembers his conversation with his Mom and Mounitha than he gets call from Mounitha and he tells her that he is going to meet Tulasi place to get clarity. Mounitha gets scared thinking what if Tulasi won’t go from here than whats my situation.

Kids asks their grandparents about their Dad. Soundarya calls him but she gets busy tone and assures to kids that their Dad will come soon. Soundarya and AnandRao thinks where he might gone to. Soundarya says Karthik is not believing me regarding Vihari truth so I must do something.

Karthik notices Tulasi home and sees To let board and thinks Mounitha is correct that these people are planning something against me that’s why Tulasi vacated this house like they planned than he sees house owners and gets to know from them that Tulasi went to her home town completely taking the advance of house.

Precap – Deepa reaches Karthik place and tries to talk with him but he won’t listen her words.