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The episode starts with Hima asks Vihari how he knows their Mom and why their Dad is angry with him. Vihari stays silent remembering past incident and he feels bad for coming to their place than he manages Hima by telling we are friends than why he gets angry with me. Hima looks doubtful than Vihari says we are friends otherwise why will I come to meet you guys knowing that you’re leaving to foreign than he wishes them happy journey and leaves from that place.

Soundarya asks Hima why she is behaving in this way. Hima says Vihari is lying like you guys as I read the diary of dad and find many things otherwise how will I know about Vihari uncle name and Deepa radhana book and in that one Dad wrote his name. Karthik asks Hima to stop and he leaves after washing his hand. Deepa and Karthik goes to meet Vihari and Tulasi. Karthik thanks Vihari for their visit. Vihari says happy to see you in this way, wish I always wants to see you in this way and please start new life by forgetting sour moments of past. Karthik thanks them than they leaves in their car.

On the way Vihari says small misunderstanding separated them for 11 years. Tulasi says Ladies suspicion is out of love but husband’s suspicion can be come from ego. Vihari says it’s good explanation. Tulasi says Karthik is running frim Mounitha. Vihari says it’s mistake of Mounitha not Karthik and he can’t make everyone agree that he is right, maybe that’s why and in other angle what if Karthik did mistake with Mounitha as he is scared of Mounitha. Tulasi asks him to not think in this way but why Hima question you in that way. Vihari says we don’t know what’s in her heart.

Karthik tells to Anandrao and Soundarya that he will come after hand overing hospital, I’m feeling like running away from problems by accepting defeat. Soundarya says you’re not running away and it’s needed to set the situation and hope you remember the flight time. Karthik says he won’t forget. Than Anandrao hugs Karthik and gets emotional saying so much happened in past 11 years and we had many differences but one thing I always wanted is your happiness so complete your work and leave to America forgetting your bad memories. Karthik leaves.Soundarya asks what happened to him. Anandrao says I’m getting emotional remembering how we made him alone in the past and wanted to apologise to him but I coudnt do it and currently his kids are torturing him and it’s tough for me to see him from leaving to America and I’m unsble to seek his forgiveness. Soundarya consoles him. Deepa asks Varanasi to take care of himself and tells him that they are leaving to America and she asks him to take good care of his mom by marrying his Maradalu. Varansi agrees than he sits near her feet and wishes her to have a good life. Deepa makes him stands up and asks him to take care of his Maradalu post marriage. Varanasi agrees.

Episode ends.

Precap – Soundarya gets shocked seeing paper. Deepa says why she have to release today itself. Shravya asks can they hide paper. Deepa calls kids and shows them the paper.