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The episode starts with Deepa asks Varanasi to take care of himself, he agrees and leaves from Deepa’s place. Deepa takes the news paper to inside. On the way Karthik thinks where my life started and where it’s going? God is sadist that’s why he created suspicion in me snd Depe separated from me for 11yesrs and proved her innocence and we are united than Mounitha comes up with her plans against us and we have to leave from here to start the new life in America and I don’t want to tell anyone where we are staying in America and we hsbe to live happily the life we lost for last 11years.

Soundarya gets stunned reading the article in newspaper that Mounitha freed from jail in parrol. Deepa says she may comeout later but why she come out on the day we are leaving to America. Soundarya asks if she is getting scared of her? Don’t become weak and stay strong as you guys are leaving from here in few hours once Karthik returns to home from hospital. Deepa says somewhere I’m feeling it’s bad sign. Shrava asks do you getting tensed thinking kids may saw this paper? Don’t worry we can hide it.

Deepa remembers past incident than she calls her kids to comeout. Soundarya asks why she is calling them. Sourya tells her they are ready to leave. Deepa says it’s today paper where it’s written that Mounitha freed from jail. Sourya asks why she is telling them. Deepa says you’re feeling that we are hiding everything from you that’s why Im informing you. Sourya leaves saying fine. Hima takes paper with her.

Karthik comes to Ravi place where he notices Conestable. Servant of that house takes him inside and makes him sit in lawn. Karthik thinks why conestable is looking at him. Ravi warns Bharathi to not to cross limits otherwise people will point us for helping her. Bharati says I’m tensed too but she came here than what I can do. Ravi sends her than she goes to upstairs where Mounitha presents. Bharati gives tea to her than Mounitha says I need your help as you’re common friend of Karthik and Me, until now you helped me, so don’t think to stop it as I need your help from here onwards too, let’s take me to Karthik hospital, did your husband scolded you that I came to your place from jail. Bharati says nothing like that.

Mounitha says you have to feel pity on me but you’re not showing it and tell me if you don’t like my presence than I will leave and if you don’t like to come with me to hospital than I will go to Karthik’s place. Bharati gets shocked. Mounitha says I understand what you’re thinking and svd breaks thd tea cup. Karthik hears sound and thinks if they are fightint? Did I came here in wrong timing? And he decides to talk in call by leaving from there and that time he notices the paper that Mounitha freed from jail. Karthik thinks if Mounitha went to my house? Than he remembers Mounitha’s mad behaviour than he thinks why to get scared of her when mistake is hers, let’s her come as I’m ready to face her. Servant calls Karthik inside saying Bharathi is calling him.


Episode ends.