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Episode starts with Soundarya sends Hima with Varanasi and informs to Deepa that Karthik withdraw the court case. Deepa gets shocked and asks why he dropped suddenly? Soundarya says don’t know, did you tell your plan to Mounitha. Deepa says no and I told kids that we will unite very soon, how to answer them. Soundarya shows video sent by Mounitha to them and asks why they went to Tulasi house? Deepa says i met her normally because Tulasi is going to Vihari and Mounitha came to that place and issue happened and she thinks whether she have to inform Tulasi and Vihari secret to Soundarya and Karthik because court case way is closed.

Karthik remembers everything. Mounitha asks what’s he thinking. Karthik says im thinking about Deepa judgment before court and I thought Hima will come to me but it’s not happening so I’m worried. Mounitha says you send Hima with her and Deepa is using litigations, think what to do? Karthik says he want Hima. Mounitha says I will get her to you changing Hima heart as her another Mom. Karthik asks her to give him sometime.

Sourya sees Karthik entering home and she happily hold his hand. Karthik asks where are you taking me Hima. Karthik apologies to her by mistake. Sourya says it’s fine. Shravya smiles seeing them. Karthik tells her that he is missing Hima. Sourya says she have an Idea to get Hima back. Karthik says their is one condition you have to stay with me along with Hima. Sourya feels elated and happily hugs him. Shravya thinks you’re great Sourya, get your Mom along with Hima. Karthik asks whats idea. Sourya says go and freshen up than I will tell you after finishing the dinner. Karthik goes to his room. Shravya kisses Sourya and goes after telling her love you.

Deepa thinks Doctor babu withdraw the case and God gave me second opportunity with Tulasi but is it good to use this truth? I’m unable to think about it so I will call Mom in law to temple and inform her about Vihari matter. Mounitha tensely thinks if Deepa revealed truth to Soundarya? If Soundarya knows it than she will inform to Karthik. Priyamani advices her to visit temple. Mounitha agrees.

Next day AnandRao teases Soundarya songs voice and both of them smiles seeing eachother. Sourya sees them. Soundarya asks why she is seeing them in that way. Sourya says I never saw Dad smiling in this way, why he won’t smile even when he is with you? AnandRao says question is simple but it’s tough to answer and he asks Soundarya to answer the Sourya question. Soundarya says his heart is filled with pain and it’s true that he is not smiling, are wedding mistake by not understanding him?

Precap – Deepa informs to Soundarya about Vihari truth. Soundarya says finally we got the truth to prove your innocence and I will tell this to Karthik. Mounitha says do what you can do, I will do what can. Deepa slaps her.