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Episode starts with Shravya sees Deepa and Sourya coming downstairs with luggage ,she calls her husband and Mother in law and she asks why she is leaving. Deepa says she can’t. Shravya asks Soundarya to stop Deepa. Deepa says don’t involve Mother in law, she is already in turmoil. Aditya says these issues will happen everytime and asks her to stay with them. Deepa says I have strength to raise my daughter and I can’t stay here.

 Shravya in tears tries to stop Deepa but Deepa says I can’t stay here without my husband support and permission even though you all support me and currently I didn’t found any difference between me and cook that’s why leaving and she takes Soundarya blessings. Soundarya says I don’t know what to bless you and you’re our Mahalaxmi still can’t asks you to stay here. Aditya asks his Mom to stop Deepa.

 Soundarya says I’m woman first and Deepa is not getting the respect at this place so I can’t stop her because your brother is trying to break his ties. Deepa in tears says don’t cry Aditya, Shravya, where ever I stay I pray for your happiness. Soundarya asks Aditya to drop Deepa. Aditya says I’m not seeing like Lakshman so I can’t leave my sister in law in jungle.

Soundarya request Deepa to cross their house without tears and says that she is scared that her tears may curse the future of their family. Deepa agrees and wipes her tears. Karthik reaches to home. Deepa says I’m leaving Doctor babu. Karthik places his hand on Sourya and they about to leave but Hima stops them.


Hima asks where you guys are leaving. Deepa says to my home. Hima says this is your house. Deepa says I got to know this is not my place. Hima says you’re  wife of Doctor babu and Sourya is his daughter so you guys must stay here. Deepa in tears says let me leave. Hima sats wait, I don’t know why he raised me even though he have Daughter and he took promise from me to never leave from this place than why Sourya have to leave when you guys are one family?

 Asks them to stay here Doctor babu. Hima says you stopped me when I’m about to leave from this place and now if you leave from here than I too leave from here to search my parents. Everyone looks shocked. Hima takes Deepa and Sourya to their rooms.


Shravya gives tea to Aditya and suggest to meet Pandit to get remedies for their family wellbeing. Aditya says it’s happening for goodm Shravya says I can’t see the Hima pain and she is feeling like outsider. Aditya says but we never treat her like outsider and she will understand our love when she didn’t get details of her Parents. She says says don’t know when can we live as happy family.


Karthik breaks the glass by mistake while thinking about recent incidents. Soundarya says it may hurt someone. Karthik says his heart broke 10years back and it won’t get set in next 10years too, you think about everyone but won’t you care for your son L’s heart. Soundarya says you just know how heart works as cardiologist but you failed to study the heart of your wife.

Karthik blames Soundarya for helping Deepa to stay back. Soundarya says you must go for mind and heart checkup. Karthik says don’t escape intelligently. Soundarya says I never think yo escape from situation. Karthik says Hima is my weaknesses and you’re using Hima for it.


Precap – Karthik feels happy that Hima is sitting near him. Hima says I will be happy when I got parents and in the same way Sourya wants to eat food with you. Karthik looks on.