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Episode starts with Sourya asks what’s she thinking. Soundarya says me and your Mom can’t make him smile but you can do it, make it happen I will buy you costly frock. Sourya says I will make him smile for sure but why you guys relate everything with costly gifts? Soundarya kisses her and asks how it is. Sourya says super but ready that costly frock also. Soundarya gets stunned. AnandRao smiles saying Sourya is like you.

Deepa waits for Soundarya at temple and thinks whether she have to tell Tulasi and Vihari matter to Karthik or not. Mounitha reaches to temple and asks god to fulfill her wish to marry Karthik. Soundarya reaches to temple and searches for Deepa. Mounitha notices Soundarya and thinks to damage her psychologically and meets her saying what a surprise. Soundarya says surprise is when a devil like you enter the temple.

Mounitha says God also shocked but I came to take god’s support to fulfill my wish. Soundarya says I wish you will get good nature but your wish won’t get fulfilled in this Janam, all the best. Mounitha says seems like you have so much confidence. Soundarya leaves saying she is busy and won’t have time to talk with devils. Mounitha prays God to show one opportunity for her to make Soundarya and Deepa lose in her hands.

Sourya tells to her Grand father that she is getting bored and tells him that she will go to Hima and returns in the evening. AnandRao asks how you will go than he sees Karthik coming to home and tells him that Sourya wants to spend with Hima. Karthik thinks he is also missing Hima and asks her to get ready so they can leave and he asks why she wear Taweez everytime. Sourya says this is Goddess Taweez , I tied it praying for union of my parents. AnandRao feels happy. Karthik sends Sourya to get ready. AnandRao says he thinks Sourya wish will fulfill very soon. Karthik says don’t get emotional, have your medicines. AnandRao says he won’t changed.

Deepa reveals Vihari and Tulasi truth to Soundarya. Soundarya feels joyed and says finally we got truth to prove that you’re fire and this can set your married life so tell this to Karthik and clear his suspicion. Deepa says she won’t tell it to him. Soundarya gets shocked and questions why? Deepa says Doctor babu may accept us after knowing this truth but I can’t stoop this low to expose Tulasi and Vihari truth.

Soundarya says you’re stupid to think in this way, Karthik won’t do any tests and exposing this truth won’t affect Tulasi life and this is the only way to prove your innocence and Tulasi herself gave you permission than why are you hesitant, go and expose the truth to Karthik and kill his doubts, you will get your Doctor babu love and your Kids will live a happy life. Mounitha gets shocked after hearing their conversation.

Precap – Karthik says Hima may feels bored like you and she will be dull without me. Karthik reaches to home and notices Hima happily dancing than he leaves from that place. Sourya scolds them.