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Episode starts with Soundarya says Tulasi doll become Goddess to our family so please don’t deny to use it. Mounitha thinks her chapter is over and Karthik will get to know about my lies than what’s my life. Deepa says it’s like getting certificate to my purity and my love that’s why my heart is not wanting it to happen.

Soundarya angrily holds Deepa neck and prasises her inner beauty and tells her that she wish to have a daughter like her. Mounitha feels exited thinking both of them won’t tell anything to Karthik. Soundarya says don’t tell to Karthik but I will tell to him as his mother, don’t deny it. Deepa agrees with her smile. Soundarya says good time started to set your marrital life. Deepa says like you said it’s happening with Tulasi permission that’s why I’m not guilty anymore.

Soundarya and Deepa about to leave than they hears Mounitha shout because she gets hurt with branch. Soundarya says I pity your life for listening secrets of others. Mounitha says I heard everything, try your luck and I will do what I can do to stop it. Soundarya stops her. Mounitha says also me on cheek because I know how to slap your life. Deepa slaps her saying she knows both and asks her to leave.

Priyamani thinks Mounitha will praise me for sending her to temple than she notices Mounitha and asks for Prasadam. Mounitha slaps her for sending her to temple and asks her to get Coffee for her. Mounitha thinks Karthik may go for DNA test again if he knows the truth so I need to be careful and she calls Karthik to know where is he.

Karthik tells her that he is going to drop Sourya at home than he goes to hospital. Mounitha says I saw your Mom and Deepa at temple and they are planning to execute new drama Infront of you so be careful. Karthik agrees. Mounitha thinks now Karthik won’t believe them.

Sourya asks Karthik to drive fastly because she wants to see Hima eagerly. Karthik says he also wants to see her and Hima might be feeling bored like you. Sourya says true, she is missing you badly and she might sleeping in bed thinking about you. Karthik says true.

Bhagyalakshmi washes her clothes than thinks how to buy new saree from Mani and she calls Shravya and asks how’s everyone. Shravya says everyone is fine. Bhagyalakshmi asks Shravya to give 10k to her. Shravya cuts call saying she will give after asking her Mom in law. Bhagyalakshmi thinks Hima might have money to immediately wish she gets united with Karthik very soon.

Hima waits for her Mom and she notices Deepa and Soundarya are coming home. Hima happily hugs her. Deepa asks if she felt bored. Hima says yes because we don’t have any TV also. Soundarya tells don’t worry because in one day everything is going to be settled and you guys can live like a happy family. Hima asks if it’s true? Deepa tells it’s true. Hima feels over excited.

Precap – Hima and Sourya tells to Aditya that very soon they gonna unite and they sees Karthik and happily hugs him. Karthik asks Hima to stay with him saying he is missing her. Hima asks won’t Mom come here.